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Example sentences for punctual

She was always punctual, and always sat alone in the pews in the shadows, out of the multicolored light of the lampshades.
In his own house, he insisted on punctual appointments.
When the anniversary arrived, both parties were punctual to their engagement.
Buses and trains are not known to be punctual or to run on a set schedule.
Overdone people are organized, punctual and kind of fusty.
The chancellor himself has publicly staked his future on a punctual start to the euro.
Lateness is a self-fulfilling prophecy: aware that everyone else is likely to be late, the punctual stop making an effort.
First, few ex-students are such punctual borrowers, so the benefit is worthless to many.
Group members were punctual, impeccably groomed and collegial but not gossipy.
Better be punctual: your second tardy return gets you booted from the system.
Applicants must be dependable, punctual,and willing to work weekends.
Regular and punctual attendance for all scheduled work hours.
Being punctual, dependable, and being a team player are skills desired by almost every employer.
The ability to perform activities within a schedule, maintain regular attendance, and be punctual within customary tolerances.
The student agrees to be punctual and to complete the time commitment.
To perform this function the reporter or recorder must be competent, punctual, and willing to work long hours.
He is punctual and his attendance sets examples for others to follow.

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