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He notes that many species of algae pack a far denser punch energy-wise than the plants now used as energy crops.
Perhaps being beat to the punch on whoopie pies left them disillusioned.
The punches were cu by a pantograph which traced the drawing of the letter and reduced it o a size that would fit the punch head.
Replace red wine with apple juice and omit liqueur to make a non-alcoholic punch.
Punch circles out of card stock with a circle craft punch.
Simple to make and surprisingly durable, painted canvas used as a floor mat adds graphic punch to a room.
With an awl, punch five holes in pumpkin for the laces and pull tab.
And marmalade and lemon juice punch up fresh sliced berries in the stand-out strawberry salad.
Vegetables in containers add visual punch to the landscape.
Grouping the volumes by color adds graphic punch without costing a thing.
Hot pink walls and a stenciled motto punch up this tiny eating area.
All you want to do is punch the ball out toward the fairway, but even that's not working.
Punch the inimitable, whose wit if sometimes severe is never impure.
Two samovars were boiling, that tea and punch might be offered after dinner.
Certainly you have more control over your schedule than someone who has to punch a clock.
Scientists thrive in a critical world of skeptical peers who continually punch holes in their work and drive them to improve it.
It's boys who brawl and punch and work it out with their fists.
She would have to do work to set it up, but it would pack a punch.
The video shows he was never close enough to do so and never threw a single punch at any of the officers who attacked him.
Some one in your foundation was lobbied to spend some cash before another university beat you to the punch.
Once the punch in the mouth is part of your repertoire-once you've done it a few times as an adult-it never really goes away.
Take your hole punch and make two holes on the sides.
Psychedelic skin tones tell predators this shell-less snail packs a poisonous punch.
From snakes and spiders to fish and birds, many animals pack a poisonous punch.
Punch six more holes around the rim with a hammer and nail, spacing them evenly.
Snowmobilers can punch the throttle to power out of harm's way.
Punch down dough by pushing down the center or dough with fist, then pushing edges of dough into center.
But the new heavyweight champion doesn't pack much of a punch.
The tenor was far more amicable than the previous night, and not a single punch was thrown.
Punch a hole at the top and tie a string through the hole.
There's also the chance someone's beat you to the punch.
Lesson: if you're willing to die for your cause, punch a soldier in the face and try to get him to shoot you.
It almost came unstuck early on because its bosses were hesitant to abandon punch cards.
There were three main reasons why the pound started to punch its weight.
Besides, central bankers are more accustomed to trying to take away the punch bowl than mixing the drinks.
So one of his symphonies could be years in the making, but each of them packed a tremendous punch.
These brown- ink sketches, probably of panthers, were done quickly and pack a punch.
Temporary tax cuts pack less punch than permanent ones, for instance.
In a plug-in hybrid car, a lithium-ion battery will pack a thousand times the punch.
Reading this makes me wanna punch a lot of people on the nose.
For each dot remaining on the surface, punch out three more dots of the same color.
Discharges melt metal and silicon and can punch holes into insulating layers.
But although everyone agrees that punch cards must go, so far no one can agree on standards for the systems to replace them.
As an end result, complement activation can punch holes in the membranes of bacteria or cells that are coated with antibodies.
The real punch of this study lies in the changes that were imparted by training.
Fish that live for several decades, such as red snapper and groupers, can recover from such a punch.
In the early years of climate modeling, all instructions were input into the mainframe using punch cards.
Still if you are looking west and the punch comes from the east you are still going down.
Previously, commands had to be fed into a computer in batches, usually via a punch card or paper tape.
The hemoglobin people with favorable results using a similar strategy, beat us to the punch in this fluid protean state of flux.
For example, your right to punch anything you want ends when your fist hits my face.
The machine will readily do this once the text it is to work on has been pretranslated into the punch-card or taped form.
Reyes gave a little punch in the air with his fist and then sat and hung his head.
These relatively unknown berries also pack a serious nutritional punch, including antioxidant levels that are off the charts.
He is a cultural phenomenon and often, it seems, the punch line to some pop-culture joke.
Print quotes don't carry the same punch that words do when you hear or see someone saying them.
He said if he had a scene that he didn't think was good enough, he'd do it in a long shot rather than try to punch it up.
He boasted that any punch aimed at his abdomen would be jarringly repulsed.
If not exactly a deliberate swindle, it is an endlessly repeated put-on, a shaggy-dog story without a punch line.
Being freelance has big disadvantages, but one of the advantages is not having to punch in at an office.
Gives one the chance to wonder what's going through his head before the punch line is delivered.
Shrimp get a wake-up call from a bold spice paste that really packs a punch.
But what makes this soup is the pistou that's stirred in before serving-it really packs a punch.
Punch down dough and turn out onto a lightly floured surface.
Punch down dough, then transfer to a lightly floured surface and flatten slightly into a disk.
It's a combination of imported marrons and fruits in a fine rum punch.
The red-hot spice elicits the fruits' sweetness and packs its own lip-tingling punch.
It is gravy with a veggie punch, dowdy and tonic, a soft green blanket of succor.
He continues to be everyone's favorite punch line-however outlandish the comparison may be.
He speaks as if trying to be overheard rather than heard, his low modulations carrying a concise noun-verb punch.
He has an excellent instinct for recognizing when eyes are narrowing-when people are readying for a punch.
Next thing you know, there he is, punch-drunk and staggering over the dead body.
But the punch of the drama really comes upon realizing that all those wrenching movie moments are not confined to the screen.
From deep space, cosmic rays come fast and pack a heck of a punch.
The problem is that the laser's green-light photons don't pack much of a punch.
And if there is enough abnormal growth, it may form scar tissue or even punch a hole in the thin, lacy surface of the lung.
Thanks to those pathogens, a punch in the mouth can be dangerous-for the aggressor.
Antibiotics have spoiled us with their power to knock bacteria to the canvas with a satisfying roundhouse punch.
Another course, with lower production values but maybe more topical punch is this one about climate change.
In reality, that punch bowl is way, way over their heads.
The punch line undermines the suspension of disbelief that the joke's narrative presumes.
My first reaction was simultaneous shock and the urge to punch a wall.
If the ground gets heated, rising air can punch through cooler air above it.
No need to ask your fellow party-goers to punch you in the face.
When people decide to pick a myth as the basis of their lives, they'd better make sure of exactly what punch that myth is packing.
As to the meteorite hypothesis, yes they pack a punch.
Gag cartoons are a combination of punch lines and scenarios intended to make readers laugh.
They punch wildly, sometimes hitting the opponent's face or body, more often hitting air and stumbling off balance.
It was a former pizza mogul who's never held elected office and who until recently was a punch line for political insiders.

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