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Example sentences for pun

But as more urbanites become aware of the free bounty surrounding them, new issues are--pardon the pun--cropping up.
We're prepared to have you put the pun in punishment, the laugh in onslaught, and the fun in profundity.
Despite steady advances in hardware, no machine could think as far as to laugh at a pratfall or make a bad pun.
Go ahead, give the video below a spin-pun fully intended.
If the same energy, pun not intended, were given to understanding the physics involved with gathering low density energy.
Whilst many a pathetic pun is painful, this one is rather good in my opinion.
And with that, if you'll forgive the pun, our poet laureate got us out of a jam.
Transform money into a phrase or pun that describes cash.
Leno desperately needs to walk in others shoes, no pun intended.

Famous quotes containing the word pun

A good pun may be admitted among the smaller excellencies of lively conversation.... more
For my own part I think no innocent species of wit or pleasantry should be suppressed: and that a good pun ... more
This place is the Devil, or at least his principal residence, they call it the University, but any other appellation wou... more
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