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Example sentences for pumpkin

Using a vegetable peeler or paring knife, peel pumpkin or squash.
It also means that there is a lot of pumpkin around for cooking.
Autumnal trips to pumpkin patches have been cancelled.
Grab your carving tools and visit one of these fall pumpkin festivals, a fun way to celebrate the season.
Pumpkin finally redeemed itself and bagged a one-way entry ticket to my humble kitchen.
Fill in the blanks in the first several paragraphs of this article about pumpkin smashing.
They went ahead and did what the wise one prompted further and they all came to have a good pumpkin dish.
While paint is still wet, run a rubber comb around the pumpkin.
The middle layer is a pumpkin pie baked inside a yellow cake.
Holding a tofu burger or growing a pumpkin simply doesn't draw the same envy.
It's time to think outside the pie crust and consider other ways you can put pumpkin on your table.
Offer spinach salad laced with ribbons of raw pumpkin and a bruschetta bar with a trio of savory toppings on crisp toasts.
DD also has a pumpkin donut right now that's pretty durn good.
That's what they all say, until the harrowing and the pumpkin pie.
There may be a shortage of canned pumpkin this year.
Drinks include vanilla soy milk and sweet pumpkin latte.
Squash, pumpkin, and custard pies are much less care during baking when bound.
Loved putting those nickels into the little slots and getting that delicious apple pie or a pumpkin pie.
Sprinkle with the roasted pumpkin seeds and serve with a good-quality tahini on the side.
He demolished a tall heap of pale mashed turnips, and a hill of stewed yellow pumpkin.
All those critters are looking at you from the tree, trying to scare you, and the pumpkin thinks it's funny.
On his way to work, he found props that would serve as the impetus for the day's shoot-in this case, a pumpkin stem.
Maybe you'll be able to run up and kick a pumpkin without people asking why you did that and if you're going to pay for it.
There was also a private bus provided by the school, the same bright-pumpkin hue as public-school buses but only a third the size.
The result is a week-long pumpkin feast, with recipes for every time of day.
There was a near miss with one group launching their pumpkin back up over the crowds and landing near the parking lot.
Secure paper to pumpkin with masking tape or pushpins.
In the pumpkin's back, use a craft knife to cut a hole large enough to slip in the tap light.
Grilled, hulled pumpkin seeds add color to the sauce.
Last year there was a shortage of canned pumpkin, which put a chill on pumpkin-lovers' plans.
Take a break from pumpkin overload and light up a sweet rose-smelling scent instead.
Try the salad of roast pumpkin, feta cheese and poached egg followed by the tuna carpaccio with avocado.
Puree pumpkin in blender or food processor and cool it.
We won't take sides in the pumpkin pie versus sweet potato pie or apple versus pecan debate.
Almost any holiday leftover other than cranberry relish or pumpkin pie can be included in the soup.
When serving the spiced-pumpkin souffl├ęs, don't forget this warm accompaniment.

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