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The steam engine, even the primitive pumping engine, could not develop before sheet iron was available.
But a newspaper, pumping its inky current of despair, might serve as well.
What goes on in society isn't a question of taking kids with no religious beliefs and pumping religious beliefs into them.
With the adrenaline pumping, he hadn't noticed the pain, but now it was starting to sink in.
If the region is to have any future at all, water users must find a way to curb the pumping.
All over the globe farmers and municipalities are pumping water out of the ground faster than it can be replenished.
Solar panels speed pumping on sunny days and slow it on cloudy days, so crops always get the water they need.
When the receptors grab a hormone, the neurons respond by pumping out proteins that trigger a cascade of reactions.
Once they had diamond melting, they started pumping up the pressure.
Artificial hearts work by pumping deoxygenated blood from the body to the lungs.
But these materials can only be activated with pulses of light-called optical pumping-which limits applications.
When that happens, the heart works harder, expanding to keep up its pumping ability and stretching its walls thin.
Then electric cars could easily get a recharge by pumping out the spent gel and pumping in the charged gel.
To ward off hydrates they are also pumping hot water down around the new riser pipe, and methanol into the pipe.
Dialysis machines filter blood by pumping it out through a catheter and into a compartment with a semipermeable membrane.
But, there are simpler, and safer ways to do it besides pumping in heat.
The designers are finding synergies with pumping both fluids and air further improving efficiency.
It's possible to run the fuel cells in reverse, pumping in electricity to generate fuel.
Even pumping it underground, there would be enough ocean left to dilute the salt content.
It is quite expensive to grow compared to other crops, far more expensive than pumping oil out of the ground.
Ground source heat pumping is the currently-available solution for heating and cooling.
Nonetheless, the power of openness is boosting efficiencies and pumping up bottom lines throughout the business ecosystem.
Doctors can see the heart pumping, or blood working through the brain after a heartbeat.
It consists in pumping the air from the rags and forcing sulphur dioxide into its place.
The right side of the heart has a harder time pumping blood against these higher pressures.
One, to federal regulators, was that all pipelines be tested by pumping them full of water at high pressure.
Pumping water can help a farmer grow grain in the dry season, when it fetches triple the normal price.
Tests may show that blood is backing up into the lungs and the heart is not pumping properly.
Daily, refinery employees manage high pressures and volatile chemicals while pumping out millions of gallons of gasoline.
It pumps blood to our industrial muscles, and right now it's not pumping.
The country's central bank, meanwhile, began pumping extra liquidity into the banking system in a bid to help stabilize markets.
And the pumping depletes underground aquifers, threatening the agricultural future of the region.
Given the rotten economy, it's easy to imagine why politicians keep pumping quarters into the jukebox.
And aerobic exercise, which really gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing, is supposed to be the way to go.
After all, clathrates made the pumping attempt fail as the outlet froze.
The device will involve pumping cool water to the ocean surface, in much the same manner as would be required to stop a typhoon.
Will lower his shoulders and initiate contact, pumping his feet to move the pile.
Electricity subsidies encourage expensive pumping of scarce water.
Nor are oil firms pumping nearly as much as they could.
Yet despite the gloom the industry is still pumping out new products.
But that is unlikely to stop the currency's appreciation, especially once the oil starts pumping.
Keen as a whippet, his thin arms pumping, he headed into the prevailing swell.
Meanwhile, oil firms are not pumping nearly as much as they could.
He was a firm believer in pumping up demand with deficit spending and holding down inflation with incomes policy.
It was the result of villagers pumping up groundwater from ever deeper aquifers.
Humans are pumping out planet-warming greenhouse gases at a prodigious rate, and the planet is warming.
Energy experts in government, business and academe have been pumping out suggestions to help consumers conserve fuel.
Stop by a few investing message boards, and have him break securities law by pumping stocks.
For the past eight years, tax cuts have been the favored means of pumping up the economy.

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