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The newspapers and the magazines have pumped him full.
To the astonishment of his detractors, this seemingly desperate measure worked, and the tunnel was pumped dry.
Avail yourself of their wisdom and find out what's so exciting about it so that you, too, can get pumped up.
The next stage is to link this exchanger to a district-heating system so that it can be pumped into central-heating.
The next stage is to link this exchanger to a district-heating system so that it can be pumped into central heating.
One of the problems was that electrons in the terahertz lasers were not efficiently recycled and pumped back up.
They have pumped large amounts of liquidity into the system over the past fortnight, and continued to do so this week.
Cold water is pumped down a deep borehole and returns superheated to spin a turbine.
The cooling water is then pumped to the cooling tower where it is dispersed over a series of baffles.
Speedy repairs were essential to the banking system, and the government pumped in tens of billions of dollars.
These are included as renewables, including the basic function of pumped storage which augments other renewable sources.
Already it has tightened bank regulation and pumped fresh capital into the big lenders.
Blood clots form during inactivity because blood is pumped from the extremities by muscle contractions.
McGwire pumped himself full of steroids and made millions of dollars.
How a bunch of speed-hungry, rubber-burning, adrenaline-pumped environmentalists get their kicks.
Dairy cows raised on organic feed aren't pumped full of hormones.
Once installed, the trial versions pumped yet more ads into the user's web browser, pestering people to shell out the full price.
Shepherd places a bioreactor inside an incubator where it will be pumped with a growth medium for a few days.
Pumped nearly dry, the chambers set up a pressure difference between the plant's innards and the water outside.
Besides a camera, the device includes bait-liquid tuna pumped from tanks as well as chum in a bucket.
The powerful effect pumped extra energy into the northern lights less than two minutes after the explosion occurred.
The amount of air that could be pumped in from the outside limited the number of people and the length of their stay.
The creatures are likely traveling in the ship's ballast water-water sucked into and pumped out of ships to provide stability.
Crewmen manually pumped out the water to rise again.
To make up for the loss, it pumped more groundwater from shrinking underground reserves.
Air pumped into the upper atmosphere by monsoon winds has to come down somewhere.
The devices pumped constant streams of air into their noses so a gust of odor would not wake them.
Groundwater, which seeps into the pit and needs to be constantly pumped out, is used for irrigation and toilet flushing.
Geothermal power can also come from hot water pumped out of the rocks, but this removes the faults' lubrication.
At first its wings are limp, but liquid pumped into them soon allows the monarch to glide off in glorious flight.
Billions of dollars of wealth are being pumped out of the land, and yet hardly any is finding its way back to them.
Sharks were everywhere, speeding around with muscular flicks of their pumped-up torsos.
Seawater would be pumped across the shark's gills to keep it breathing.
Coal miners dug underneath the seething core to allow liquid nitrogen to be pumped in and cool the nuclear fuel.
The breaks in the levees have since been patched and water is being pumped out of the city.
Each morning, brackish water is pumped from them into pans on the surface.
Web-based coaches are out to hook everyday athletes with pumped-up new features.
Pumped storage is a tried and proven technology, with a high efficiency, and zero emissions.
When exercise begins, the heart's rate and strength of contraction increases and blood is quickly pumped into the arteries.
The steam can then be used to turn a turbine and produce electricity or, in this case, pumped down a well to loosen heavy oils.
Maybe the oceans are filling up from all that water being pumped into them.
Each aroma pumped across the array induces a unique pattern of responses that is fed into a computer.
In order to extract oil from these storage sites, large amounts of fresh water are pumped into the caverns.
It is then compressed into a liquid and, theoretically, pumped deep beneath the surface to be permanently trapped.
In a good lasing material, electrons that are pumped up with energy release that energy in the form of coherent photons of light.
The deep bitumen is not mined, but pumped out of the ground after being loosened with hot steam.
Not all primates have this pumped-up immune system, ready to protect against promiscuity.
When they shined light on the tiny solar cell, it pumped out a small current.
In a typical automatic transmission, high-pressure fluid is pumped through the works to change the gears.
No carbureter is used, the gasoline being pumped into the cylinders above the inlet valves.
Called a regurgitating valve, this allows pumped blood to wash back into the heart.
Now, suddenly, he was pumped up with helium cheer and unnerving confidence.
At the end of the causeway was a seawater-treatment plant, which processed seawater and pumped it back into the oil field.
Also, some of the soldiers were kind of pumped up and almost high on their experiences, and not all that reflective.
We pumped them for recipes for food and drink, this strawberry-hued affair being one they recommended.
New groundwater then flows into the sediment and is pumped out with the next tide.
It turned out that pumping iron had pumped up his blood pressure, straining his enlarged aorta enough to tear it.
Her heart was beating too rapidly to allow its chambers to fill before they pumped, so her blood pressure was plummeting.
Hydrogen atoms taken from the water are pumped into another part of the duct, creating an acid bath.
The pumped-up meals derived nearly all their extra energy from sugars and simple carbohydrates-empty calories.
Atoms in a gas, liquid, or solid are first pumped to high energy by a bright light or electric current.
Leptin is a hunger-slaking hormone pumped into the bloodstream by fat cells.
Although it is pumped into the well as a gelled liquid, it converts back into gas while underground.
The whirlwind gets pumped by the hot air rising, and the next thing you know you've got a full-blown tornado of fire.
If his heart stopped then there was no blood being pumped to his brain.
The hydrogen gets pumped into a standard fuel cell to power the car.
Engineers flushed the domes with water to dissolve the salt, then pumped out the brine to create a nicely sealed cavern.
In an electrolytic cell, the electrons are pumped in and they drive the reaction uphill, so to speak.
It determines how much energy is available to be pumped into prominences and other solar phenomena.
The thruster uses nitrogen gas, which is pumped through a quartz tube wrapped in a coiled antenna and surrounded by magnets.
After quality control checks, each whisky is then pumped into large blending tanks prior to aging.
The light from each telescope travels to the combining lab through pipelines that have been pumped free of air.
Researchers pumped an aromatic compound into a set of cages.
To relax the heart cells, the extra calcium that came across the cell membrane gets pumped out, and the heartbeat ends.
After the water was finally pumped out, a film of toxic residue coated the ward for months.
But the more money they have pumped into housing, the faster their own financial condition has deteriorated.
For me, reading it was the literary equivalent of biting into a large, pumped-up soufflé.
During the growing season, farmers pumped water in and out of the lake depending on irrigation requirements and rainfall amounts.
The stimulus package pumped billions back into the state economy and directly into the state's education system.
Oh, dear-the pumped-up language of a feasibility study.
As long as enough energy was pumped into the system to keep the particles at running speed, the tower could rise to any height.
All the heat escaping from her machinery would have to be pumped overboard by large air conditioning sets.
It is a finite resource that technically becomes more difficult to find with each barrel pumped.
Their desire to get pumped up may be explained by the exaggerated bulges-and powers-of video-game characters.
Water for the city must be pumped from farther and farther away.
His shoulders looked as though they had had air pumped into them.
We pushed each other to get started, and then pumped and soared.
Clearly, the final day's winning bids were pumped up by the jewelry's alluring provenance.
Twelve stories high, she seems pumped up to this size by the endless tabloid coverage of her personal life.
The gravel gets shoveled out of steep-sided pits and then pumped into small steel washing plants that are run off a generator.
Getting at the deeper oil requires treating the bitumen underground so it can be pumped out through an oil well.
To generate electricity, the molten salt is pumped through a heat exchanger to generate steam.
The new battery is similar to something called a flow battery, in which two electrolytes are pumped past each other.
Therefore, now when you say you want to build a nuclear plant you will likely also need to build a hydro plant for pumped storage.
They then pumped the solution through one channel as infected blood was pumped through the other.
Methane, the key component of natural gas, can then be pumped out and used to generate electricity or power vehicles.
With one of its ends capped and water pumped in through the other, such a cylinder acts as a filter.
Of all the other storage technologies, only pumped hydro can make this claim.
Water pumped down one hole courses through the gaps in the rock, heats up, and flows back to the surface through the second hole.
Each balloon is connected to narrow channels through which air is pumped.
The cooling is normally provided by water that is pumped into the core using electricity.
The water is then pumped to a storage tank, and the cooled glycol solution is fed back to the solar arrays.
In this type of laser, a microscopic disc containing different materials is optically pumped by a larger laser.
Try to imagine the vortex ring traveling inside of vessel, into which the air is pumped from outside.
Pumped storage would work for them, as would reverse osmosis water production.
The liquid could be stored and pumped safely, whereas coal dust clogged valves and often ignited.
As water is pumped through one end of the device, particles in the water are pressed up against the walls of the tubing.
The algae are pumped along through enclosed, transparent flow channels under sunlight.
Drinking water is pumped from aquifers that are generally hundreds, not thousands of feet deep.
Pumped hydro facilities use off-peak electricity to pump water from a lower reservoir into one at a higher elevation.
Water pumped from the ground-water system causes the water table to lower and alters the direction of ground-water movement.

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