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He worked a hand pump on the inside and leaned his head out to make sure the liquid gold was flowing.
Outside, a worker standing waist-deep in the raceway crowded the fish toward a hydraulic pump, using a broom to goad stragglers.
The heart becomes thicker-walled from having to pump against the pressure, and less able to respond to the demands of exertion.
Then he wet a comb at the cabin's iron hand pump and slicked back his hair and his little brother's hair.
Then various backups failed, which forced plant operators to pump sea water into the reactors to try to cool them down.
The purpose of language is communication in much the same sense that the purpose of the heart is to pump blood.
Farmers once used windmills to grind their grains and pump water.
No one is sure how long it will take to pump out floodwaters once the levees are repaired.
The stalk is supported by pressure created by their pump, according to the scientists.
All over the developing world, many urban slum dwellers spend much of the day waiting in line at a pump.
Sea stars are purely marine animals, even using sea water instead of blood to pump nutrients throughout their bodies.
Investigate the options for a solar boiler, heat pump, or solar panels.
The ship's water pump was non-operational at the time, resulting in the capsizing of the ship.
He used his pump to filter some water and prepared to spend the night.
The cells in the bladder then begin to pump water out again, creating a new vacuum.
At the harbor a pipe was placed into the shark's mouth to pump water over its gills, to keep it alive.
It's as green as they come-in fact, you'll pump your own water up to rooftop tanks for a shower.
They pump it into and out of one or more tanks to keep the ship stable.
The lungs fight for breath, and the heart struggles to pump.
Then use a turbo or oil diffusion pump to reach a high vacuum.
As a by-product of digestion, the bacteria pump out methane, which the company pipes off and purifies.
The reactor is currently relying on an alternate cooling system that circulates water using a pump system.
Miners pump brine from the lakes up into evaporation ponds on the surface.
Leaves pump their nutrients into a tree's branches, where the tree can use them to survive till spring.
We had to pump her up by promising her that ice cream would be her imminent reward for being brave and getting a shot.
Due to the failure of a pump, flagellates washed back into the first stage.
We build cities in the desert, and then pump in water from mountains near and far.
Moving water is fairly straightforward on the human scale: a pump or a bucket will usually do the trick.
Instead, it works using capillary action to filter blood and pump serum through its various chambers.
Others have to pump large amounts of toxic chemicals into the ground.
Inside the transmission, an electric oil pump replaces the torque-converter pump.
They could be used to charge the battery, run a heat pump, and run any auxiliary components.
For example, both the feed pump and steam turbine are actually power-steering pumps used in cars and trucks.
One argument for such regulations is that the true cost of using oil isn't reflected at the pump.
If it were a problem then figuring out how to pump liquid faster would be a fairly trivial matter for the airlines.
The pump requires an electric cable, called a driveline, that runs through the abdominal wall to a battery pack in a harness.
Farmers pump, oblivious of others' actions or the impact of their own.
The government also has plenty of scope for pump-priming after achieving a surplus for the past four years running.
Because oil is so expensive, it makes sense to pump it from difficult places.
The downturn has battered many start-ups, forcing their backers to pump in more cash to keep them afloat.
Elsewhere it helped that many governments which had kept prices at the pump low through subsidies, reduced these.
Steam engines were originally designed to pump water out of the pits and railways to move coal around them.
The control system, which uses tiny compressors to pump air in and out of the panels, is in the centre.
But lower borrowing costs are of little use if politicians remain sceptical about the merits of fiscal pump-priming.
Whenever the government stops petrol prices from rising in line with oil prices, queues at the pump merely lengthen.
The power is used to pump water up into the reservoirs that feed the hydroelectric turbines.
Moreover, the only electricity needed is the small amount required to pump the streams of water through the apparatus.
Then he walks around the corner to a bank, to raise a loan to buy a new irrigation pump.
Local officials had told residents they lacked the funds to pump water along existing pipes.
Water has to be obtained from the pump, but telecommunications are on tap.
Once again, a circuit breaker blew, indicating a problem with the pump module.
The pump keeps the air jets at peak performance even with a minimum of water flowing through the washer.
The timing chain was replaced as well as the water pump.
It becomes harder for the heart to fill and pump blood to the body.
Alcoholic cardiomyopathy causes the weakened heart muscle to pump inefficiently, leading to heart failure.
In addition, the right ventricle may be unable to pump blood efficiently to the lungs and to the left ventricle.
The skyrocketing cost of oil is sending pump prices soaring.
It even ran on pump gas with a full emissions control system.
At the sculpture's base is a round pool with fountain pump that sends water in a circular motion around the pool.
It employed a heart-shaped pump that was implanted into the patient.
They start with a single stolen file and pump out bootleg games and movies by the millions.
They sound a bit muffled, but they pump out enough volume to annoy the neighbors properly.
When excess electricity is present in a system, it can be used to pump water up to a reservoir.
Inside the tunnel, workers will pump the water out of the ballast tanks and dismantle them, along with the steel bulkheads.
Since cholera kills by driving fluids from the body, the treatment is to pump liquid back in, as fast as possible.
One option is to pump the water out, but the expense would be prohibitive.
Part of the rise in credit card borrowing may reflect the spike in pump prices.
He would hesitate and double-pump, unable to trust his release point.
We filled up from the same pump and maintained a standard climate-control setting and windows-closed rule throughout the drive.
Its flotation was entirely dependent on whether the bilge pump could keep up with the leakage.
By adapting centuries-old technology, they designed a pump that could supply water to the community without using electricity.
Most buyers are adults looking to get a better pump at the gym, but there are signs that users are getting younger.
They have to give themselves injections the rest of their life or they have to be put on a pump that gives them the injections.
Its heating system tended to pump noxious fumes into the cabin.
Everything comes crawling up to the shore in the shallowest part of the river, trying to pump water through their gills.

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