pumice in a sentence

Example sentences for pumice

Unwrap your foot and scrub the areas with a pumice stone.
In the world in which albatrosses originated, the birds swallowed pieces of floating pumice for the fish eggs stuck to them.
For calluses, soak in warm water and then rub them down with a pumice stone.
If desired, use a pumice stone to gently wear down the corn.
Miller picks up a piece of pumice and hurls it into the water.
Pumice is a light, porous volcanic rock that forms during explosive eruptions.
Instead, they clump on the surface of the ocean in pumice rafts.
Pumice, obsidian, and basalt are all extrusive igneous rocks.
These flows oozed onto the ground only after the explosive eruption of pumice and ash had stopped.
Pumice deposits are known in small pockets near these mountains.
Explosive eruptions of rhyolite create pumice, which is white and full of bubbles.
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