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The night before serving, pulverize the rice in a blender or spice grinder.
The bag was supposed to pulverize in the sky, letting loose cement particles to seed the cloud.
Place half the almonds in food processor and pulverize.
Steve dug at the dirt and growled at the pitcher to give him something he could pulverize.
She sits on the ground with a hammer, hitting the bucket in an effort to pulverize the plaster and free her leg.
One reportedly showed up with bulldozers ready to pulverize the ruins and burn the tents.
Its tendrils threatened to pulverize my mind and my courage and my stomach, and crack my bones and desiccate my body.
Thus, they see that it doesn't pay to pulverize the land in their haste to make a profit.
It turns out that a high-speed impact on a planet's surface doesn't pulverize all the rock on the ground below.
Pulverize the bituminous surfacing to the full depth of the existing mat.
The hardened carbide tips are resistant to ear and efficiently grind and pulverize concrete and asphalt surfaces.
To distinguish between the two, pulverize the dried clumps of the sample by hand or by stepping on them.
It contains a five-stamp mill and other equipment used to pulverize ore and recover gold.
Pharmacists can pulverize tablets and prepare gelatin capsules for each measured dose.
Starts grinding and screening equipment to pulverize and sift tankage, cracklings, and cooked blood for sacking.
Plants that shape, pulverize or cut wood and create sawdust or flyings.
They would pulverize the leaves and rubbed them on the infected part of the ringworm.
Before departure, pharmacists can be asked to pulverize tablets and prepare gelatin capsules with calculated pediatric doses.

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