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Warts are typically white in color, and are soft and pulpy in texture.
Other native fruits are guava and guanabana, a tart, pulpy fruit.
We'll be sharpening up the blades and turning them toward the pulpy flesh of a sheet of paper.
When the wet, pulpy sheets shredded in his hands, my father resorted to the spatula he used for flipping pancakes.
They were from the spleen, a fist-size organ on the left side of the diaphragm whose pulpy interior is filled with blood.
Cook for eight minutes until the tomatoes have broken up and reduced into a pulpy sauce.
The seeds and pulpy pods provide winter food for rabbits, squirrels and deer.
The resultant pulpy material is pumped through liquid cyclones to extract the germ from the mixture of fiber, starch, and gluten.
These are small fruits with a pulpy or leathery cover over a stony walled seed.
These rot, eventually rendering the entire fruit pulpy and useless.
The sweet, pulpy fruit is edible when fully ripe and can be eaten raw or made into jellies and puddings.
Spiky leaved dessert plant with large pulpy fruit that ripens in summer.

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