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Certainly the broad teeth and strong jaws of this animal are well fitted to grind into pulp the aquatic plants on which it feeds.
Use dissolved gelatin in the pulp mix for writing paper so the porous material won't absorb and blur ink.
Scoop out pulp and seeds and reserve, leaving only flesh attached to skin.
The pulp can be eaten fresh or used to make sauces, preserves, and ice cream.
All he could find were trendy magazines and junky pulp fiction.
When you get handed the second place trophy, you want to throw it on the ground and beat it to a pulp with your nine iron.
Others survive until overcrowded libraries deaccession and pulp them to make room for fresh publications.
Paper is a renewable resource originating in fast-growing cloned trees grown for the pulp industry.
It is also experimenting with forming the pulp into sheets that could be made into structures such as park benches and fences.
Historically, such lands have been cleared to expand lucrative palm oil plantations or expand pulp and paper businesses.
It will be dried, sterilized, and separated into reusable paper pulp and plastic.
To make these sheets, the researchers treated wood pulp with enzymes and then pulverized it.
They granulate the universe to pulp crashing particles only newly found.
While the local pulp and paper industry has been on the wane for years, the demand for wood pellets has recently shot up.
They chewed on the pulp of the fruit to make stale and sour maize bread more tasty, for example.
Peel six tomatoes, remove thin slices from top of each, and take out seeds and pulp.
To one cup pulp add one well-beaten egg, one-fourth cup flour, and season highly with salt and pepper.
Remove pulp from four large oranges, by cutting fruit in halves crosswise and using a spoon.
Beat cream until stiff, add to apricot pulp, and sweeten to taste.
The central part of the papilla does not undergo calcification, but persists as the pulp of the tooth.
Sugar and wood pulp remain important foreign exchange earners.
Peel six small firm tomatoes, and remove pulp, having opening in tops as small as possible.
Drain apricots, and add to syrup the pulp rubbed through a sieve.
Important, too, has been the discovery that paper could be made from wood pulp.
Then the wall opposite me flashed into a golden yellow and dissolved with a rending thunder that hammered my brain into a pulp.
Press the fruit pulp against the sides of the strainer with a spoon.
Its rebound was such that foresters grew it for pulp production.
The paper is made from recycled clothing and wood pulp.
The seeds and the pulp are scooped out of the pod and allowed to ferment until the seeds are a rich dark brown.
Pulp from other fiber crops can be used in a variety of products.
Fiber pulp may be used instead of wood pulp to manufacture paper products.
The paper industry turns huge tracts of rain forest trees into pulp.
They wash it over and over, then squeeze the pulp in a giant strainer.
Bristly pods on the tree contain dozens of seeds surrounded by pulp.
These social insects construct hives by chewing wood into a papery construction pulp.
Compare this to layers of pressed wood pulp surrounded by a film of polypropylene, polyethylene or other plastic.
They lack some of the characteristics of true teeth, such as enamel caps and pulp centers.
Because we're burning through options to support any number of pulp fantasies that will never be realized.
Turn the oranges into a pulp by rubbing them through a sieve or by putting them in an electric blender.
For distraction, he gnaws on watermelon slices and spits out the pulp.
The word has been beaten to a pulp and is in intensive care.
Rub the mixture through a sieve and measure the pulp.
Sprinkle remaining chopped tomato pulp over stuffed vegetables.
Let the eggplant cool, scoop out the pulp, and chop it fine.
The first strokes smashed the shells into small bits and crushed the rice to a pulp.
Scrub the fruit and juice it, scraping out each juiced half and reserving all the seeds and pulp.
In the wrong hands, such a story could be lurid, gory pulp.
Even the pulp has no taste, and he sees the trees need pruning.
It also gets paid at the other end for the plastic and pulp.
The source of the problem seems to have been the pulp used in older connections to sheath individual phone lines within the cable.
Among the biggest past users of forest products were pulp and paper industries.
If someone is bashing a potential adversary to pulp why feel any pity.
When you get past the pulp and glue, a book is a delivery system for an author's vision.
But it still makes for a great pulp adventure story.
But gardening also means genetically engineered trees that grow faster, resist disease, and pulp better.
Pulp is made up of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue.
Visitors watched as the red and yellow apple varieties disappeared through iron rollers to become pulp.
Yet decades later she was elevated to the status of pulp goddess.
Now, with the housing market in a pulp, the tables are turning.

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