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The cameraman has to use a pulley to pull the camera back up to the top after each dive.
To work the machines, you use a big wooden lever to slide the belt from the dummy pulley to the power pulley.
Inside, a float goes up and down with the water level, moving a pulley that drives a recording device.
For the next two hours, the scientists took blood and fat samples and weighed the bears using a stretcher and pulley.
The prisoners are fed by means of two baskets on a pulley.
They tend to operate on pulley systems that derive tension from stacks of weights or heavy-duty rubber.
They tend to operate on pulley systems that derive tension from stacks of weights or heavy-duty rubber bands.
But that did not stop him from buying an old wooden pulley and a tool for lifting railroad ties.
And since the mechanism's chain-driven pulley jockeys generate power, battery life is measured in years.
Outside, there is a wooden beam, which was part of a pulley that hoisted hay.
If the window has a pulley system, remove all paint from the ropes to help them slide easily.
Actually, he was raised and lowered by an all-too-visible wire and pulley.
It was half of a pulley-shaped anklebone, known as an astragalus, belonging to another new species of whale.
We put the dirt in containers that were hoisted up from above with a pulley.
The catwalk on the side of the conveyor opposite the instrument panel side abutted the area of the conveyor near the tail pulley.

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