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The led horses pulled him from his seat and all three ran away.
He rushed to the corner, slipped his hand under the paper, pulled the things out and filled his pockets with them.
Sitting on a barrel he pulled on and fastened the shoe he had been holding in his hand.
He was apparently in great trouble, and his hat was pulled down over his eyes, as if he wished to hide his features.
He gained the door to the landing, pulled it open, and rushed forth.
Normally, they're pulled back to create one bright, airy room.
It's a kind of magic trick that makes anything look more pulled together.
Rinse the dirt and tiny snails from your freshly pulled-up radicchio.
Don't leave pulled or hoed-out weeds lying on bare ground, since they may take root again.
The tallest member of the family reached into the tree with the hook on the end of a pole pruner and pulled the fruit off.
The labels were obscured by socks pulled up to the rim of each can, so to cheat a volunteer had only to lower the sock.
She then pulled a yellow tube out of a purple tube, creating a squeaking sound.
Some can be pulled from a rucksack and launched by hand.
With an encouraging smile, a co-worker pulled up a trouser leg to reveal his own scarred shin.
He pulled a pistol and was shot dead, together with an accomplice.
In reality, the parties that pulled out knew they were highly unlikely to win in any case.
They pulled out all the stops to cow the government's critics into silence.
Shopkeepers pulled down their shutters as protesters raced through the streets.
One is that the weight of fish pulled from the depths has peaked.
Metal objects within the magnetic field do not have to touch a magnet to be pulled by magnetism.
See special galleries of photos pulled from contest submissions.
While gravity pulled celestial objects inward, this extra gravitational effect-a kind of antigravity-pushed them apart.
As the plates moved, they slowly pulled the continents apart.
Yet even here life thrives, according to scientists who have pulled a plug of dirt from the seafloor.
They become visible when water droplets pulled from a storm's moist air condense or when dust and debris are taken up.
Drowning can occur by being pulled under the water and by being dragged out to sea.
He took me to his home, where he opened a drawer and pulled out a sheaf of rice paper that had been stapled together.
Called katabatic winds, they are pulled down the slope of the icecap by gravity.
We had a quick release that you pulled, and you're supposed to let it fly off, and it didn't come off.
Pulled tight, they closed into this perfect knot whereby the devil's silently upbraided, and the heart sings whole.
She pulled his student-aid record and discovered that he had received aid from seven other colleges.
Billions were pulled off the table, and the community-college plan was shelved.
Four of the candidates pulled out because they did not want their names disclosed.
Yale has said it pulled the images because of fears they would trigger violence.
Though many in higher education were skeptical at the time, he pulled it off.
There, they feed on plankton and other microscopic fare pulled in through tiny pores.
They pulled the body up, inch by inch, and swept away the dirt.
He pulled the intestines out of the dog and started stomping the dog until blood came out of his mouth.
Because amino acids have a slight electrical charge, they are pulled through the tube.
As this seaside drama rushed toward its denouement, a horse-drawn cab pulled up to the wharf.
The first two cubs pulled themselves out of the water without any help from the keepers.
As the candies are pulled out, place the selected ones on the table next to the bowl.
Galaxies that had been pulled together before the universe began accelerating still have the chance to collide.
All three are among the projects pulled from peer review.
Our vehicle pulled into the village late one rainy night.
Human testers traditionally have pulled such pungent duties.
When an atom gets pulled out of place, its neighbors tug it back.
The round ones are in hydrostatic equilibrium, meaning they have enough self-gravity to have pulled themselves into a round shape.
Desperate to dull her feelings, she removed her belt, tied it around her neck and pulled it tight to stop herself from breathing.
And it pulled off the feat with energy provided by the solar cells that coat its single, curiously-shaped airfoil.
During that trip a research team pulled three cores from the cap.
The strands straighten out when pulled, but they relax back to their tangled shape when the tension is released.
The same panel had already voted against two obesity drugs this year and said a third should be pulled off the market.
She pulled the larger, slightly newer mattress off her and her husband's bed and hauled it back to mine.
When a story is done and has been pulled off the roller, you can still feel it in your fingers.
Early one morning a few weeks later, an ambulance pulled up.
Now imagine creamy grits, oyster skillet roast, and pulled pork.
Shelves stacked with pinched and gnarled coffee cups, pulled from a local kiln.
The latter include one piled with sautéed mushrooms and goat cheese and one filled with succulent pulled pork.
Pulled by gravity, the gas begins to form clouds around the densest regions of dark matter.
To test the basics of quantum theory, physicists recently pulled out an antique.
He reached for her hand and pulled on it, insistently.
Shrapnel is excised, cerebral tissue swells, and the scalp is pulled taut and sewn back over a ballooning brain.
He said his catheter was going to be pulled out that day.
He examined slices of sea ice under the microscope, his hood pulled tight around his eyes.
But the tape can be peeled off relatively easily when pulled perpendicular to a surface.
Y uri pulled his sons from school to watch the big robot wreck the motel.
Red areas and spikes indicate sections that need to be pulled apart from each other so that players can earn points.
The glue not only works well on wet surfaces, but it can also be pulled off and reused more than a thousand times.
Because the cells were so thin, the hot electrons could be pulled out of the cell quickly, before they cooled.
The electrons don't stay displaced for long, however, and are pulled back toward their original position.
Electrons freed during the reaction are pulled into an external circuit.
Yes, the energy from the top of my head being lifted and pulled around.
Employees pulled chairs into a makeshift theater, opened microbrews, drank wine.
The number of new cases dropped after the product was pulled from the market two days after its introduction.
His headset cord pulled loose from its jack and began whipping about his head.
Grace pulled back her hair and pulled on her gloves.
The walls of the set have been pulled apart for construction, but the thin lines on the floor indicate how close they will be.
We pulled all the cushions out into the middle of the living room and made a giant castle.
The police pulled them out one by one and handcuffed them.
To make it that kind of a movie was the big risk and the big challenge, but also the thing that pulled it out of the fire.
Instead he pulled out a paperback world almanac from his knapsack and asked her to quiz him.
Roy wasn't cowardly and didn't flinch, and he put the barrel up and pulled the trigger and blew off half his head.
They pulled the barrier away and waved the cars through.
By comparison, pulled pork and beef brisket are unexceptional, the flavor pleasant but lacking definition.
She wears her steel-gray hair pulled back in a straggly bun.
In other words, you're meant to be pulled into the picture.
He couldn't have pulled precisely this hoax without it-but we've had hoaxes for ages.
There's a kind of helplessness in many of the poems, the sense of being pulled along by something irresistible and invisible.
He gets into the science of reading, the way some circuits in the brain go on autopilot as you're pulled deeper into the text.
She was lost beneath the surface for thirty minutes before her parents found her on the pond bottom and pulled her up.
Visitors must lie flat in a shallow boat as it is pulled by wires under the outcrop.
He dipped the piece of rubber into the ice water, pulled it out, and demonstrated the fact that the cold rubber was stiff.
He fumbled with the buttons on her flannel shirt and pulled it down around her shoulders.
The mystique of leadership-of faith over facts-pulled others along in its wake.
The road into town is crowded with old carts full of wood and bricks and pulled by thin horses or even by people.
Greed and pulled hamstrings are the modern sportswriter's daily subject matter.
But to twitch this curtain back only reveals other curtains which have now to be pulled aside.
His novel was pulled from the shelves after two days.
Fortunately, an experienced swimmer pulled me to safety.

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