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Example sentences for pull off

His father wants to pull off a big piece of this, but first looks around to see if any one is watching.
The roll film is the best, as the film pack sticks together and the stubs pull off in the moist, hot climate.
Pull off the old covering or apply the new fabric over it.
It's an idea that's easy to pull off in your own kitchen.
Three perfectly placed mirrors in this family room create an oceanfront feel few nautical paintings could pull off.
Lift out, let cool briefly, then pull off and discard skin.
For starters, cutting that many calories-without becoming malnourished-is a trick that few of us would be able to pull off.
If using fresh squid, gently pull off the head and tentacles from the body sac.
Working from the base, pull off the skin and sucker cups-everything should easily slide off, leaving the meat ready for use.
Functional résumés are harder to pull off successfully, partly because readers wonder if you are hiding something.
Almost anything clean and polished would fit in, but probably only someone who has made it to full can pull off the sparkly jeans.
He was funny and sarcastic and that requires a fair bit of intelligence to pull off.
We'll picnic on the riverbank, pull off on the side of the road.
He had water, a knife, and the skills that allowed him to pull off what he did-in addition to having the guts to cut his arm off.
Matt, of course, is the youngest ever to pull off this feat-and he's become an eloquent advocate for kids getting outdoors.
The result is an atmosphere of camaraderie that few other endurance events pull off.
The film's cast of non-actors pull off convincing performances that render their characters intriguing and memorable.
The trick is making them agile enough to pull off daredevil aerobatic maneuvers.
Pull off excess fat around cavities of chickens and discard, then rinse chickens and pat dry.
Pull off tops and tails of gooseberries and halve berries lengthwise.
Pull off excess fat around cavities of chicken and discard, then rinse chicken and pat dry.
The monthly festival has turned out to be tough to pull off.
It's a tricky act to pull off, and one that can all too easily expose an actress's weaknesses.
Still, glamorous looks and the ability to pull off a joke are nothing to sneeze at.
He has a virtuosic musical talent, and is able to pull off credible impersonations of performers in virtually any musical genre.
It takes a special kind of fluid to pull off this quantum trick.
Only a handful of events can pull off the single name thing and get away with it.
These sorts of maneuvers usually require a fair amount of cash to pull off.
It was an acknowledgment that the show was as theatrical as it was musical, and that it took a team to pull off.
But that would be the only way to actually pull off what they've been asked to pull off.
Perry probably can't pull off a win in the presidential primary at this point.
Huntsman might have been able to pull off the trick if his campaign message had fit better with the times.
All comedies need to have dramatic tension in order to pull off laughs successfully.
Cool the tomatoes in ice water, drain, and pull off the skin.
Only elephants can pull off an authentic migration of elephants.
All obstacles and limitations aside, committing ourselves to pull off a complicated one take energized everyone creatively.
The trouble is, knitting together these conversations is a tough trick to pull off.
Yes, balancing keeping order and winning hearts and minds is not an easy operation to pull off.
Holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously is a stunt that millions of minds pull off every day.
In some cases, you have to have a lawyer to pull off the fraud at all.
Compositions that combine music with spoken text are not easy to pull off.
It's not easy to pull off running shoes with anything other than running clothes.
Renewed growth would obviously be best, and would favour equities, but at the moment looks difficult to pull off.
And the more bilateral deals are in place, the harder it will be to pull off a multilateral one.
In favour would be that to pull off more attacks would be a show of strength, and might impress some potential supporters.
It is this comic approach that gives the author the verve to pull off the final dare-devil twist at the end.
Reversals are tricky to pull off, but rewarding once players nail down the timing.
That's why it's amazing that they can actually maintain quantum coherence long enough to pull off this energy-transport trick.
Now his face will be everywhere and it'll get harder for me to pull off.
Since they are successful in the global conspiracy, then a small conspiracy is a cinch to pull off.
He'd give them a wave, then pull off into oncoming traffic to get ahead of the congestion.
Pull off the small legs running down the underside of the shrimp.
Look for big blossoms or pull off single petals, stems or leaves.
On the plus side, the troupe has the smarts and moxie to pull off an impressive technical presentation.
The truth is, it's his fantasy to pull off marketing coups.
What he's doing is building a particular kind of connection with his audience that few hip-hop stars have been able to pull off.
Pull off the tape on two corners opposite each other.
If you are driving by yourself, always pull off the road at a safe place and stop the vehicle before looking at a map.
Other drivers will not expect you to be there and may pull off the road without looking.
To eat, pull off leaves and eat the fleshy ends attached to the plant.
Now, pull off three more inches of tape and cut or tear next to the roll.
Proceed over the bridge to a large pull off area on your right.
Signal, slow down gradually, and carefully pull off the road on to the shoulder.
Pull off to the right side of the roadway and position your vehicle as far out of the lane of traffic as possible.
Pull off the road if four or more vehicles stack up behind you.
There are many great places to pull off to view wildlife and to take pictures.
Pull off lower petals which are small or discolored.
Stop your car to watch animals only if you can pull off the road safely.
If you must pull off the road, signal first, then slowly and carefully pull off as far as possible.
If you can't pull off the roadway, proceed at a speed suitable for visibility, turn on lights and sound horn occasionally.
Try finding a safe place to pull off the road and take photos from inside the car.
Place a piece of masking tape over the paint and pull off.
If the cycle starts handling differently, pull off and check the tires.
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