pugnacity in a sentence

Example sentences for pugnacity

His pugnacity fascinated and repelled people in equal measure.
His pugnacity and controversial business dealings had anyway made him unpopular.
There are two reasons why this beastly pugnacity is newly valuable.
Moreover, when the government has experienced setbacks, it tends to tone down its pugnacity.
It's quite a self-referential little package of pugnacity.
The brigade became known for its cultivated pugnacity.
She is the soul of small-town pugnacity and self-conceit and has an endless tongue.
Even when dealing with pacific subjects there is an air of pugnacity about him.
The extreme pugnacity of humming-birds has been noticed by all observers.

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The leadership qualities of Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower deserve special scrutiny because their common and c... more
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