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And the milk took on the flavor of the corn puff bats, so there was no escaping.
With a slotted spoon, push them down into oil until they begin to puff.
Both bear powder-puff flowers with impressively long stamens from spring to fall.
Relax by the big picture window with a swan puff, apple streusel, or eclair.
Better to take two aspirin or puff on something, not surrender a necessary sense of indignation if life is unfair.
Puff is attached near the exhaust pipe of your vehicle.
When the command signal arrives, the nerve terminal releases a minute puff of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter.
Blew as if he had been to puff up a pig's bladder.
Roll puff or plain paste one-eighth inch thick, and cut in rounds of correct size to cover inverted circular tins.
Roll puff or plain paste to one-fourth inch in thickness.
Roll puff or plain paste one-eighth inch thick, cut in two and one-half inch squares, and bake in hot oven.
Line patty pans with puff or plain paste, fill with the following mixture, and bake in a moderate oven until firm.
Roll puff paste one-eighth inch thick and shape, using circular cutters of different sizes.
Roll puff paste to one-eighth inch thickness, and cut in rounds.
Put in serving dish and cover with top made of puff paste.
By the same act of his will that he resolves a thing, he can puff away any impediments that seem to rise up against him.
The little literary criticism then existing was lifeless-mere hackwork, subsidised by publishers to puff their own wares.
Spoon an equal portion of the mixture into each cream-puff bottom.
Often, the magazines are little more than product catalogues embellished with puff articles.
And lo-and-behold, with a puff of smoke, the tape turned to cinders.
In any event, writing out the full name is a cheap rhetorical trick to puff up the gravity of already obviously important events.
But the show, quite dramatically, opens with a big puff of smoke.
He pilots a motorized wheelchair by blowing into a sip-and-puff tube, his pale hands strapped to the armrests.
From that point on, the outside world will see only what the church wants them to see: a twice-daily puff of smoke.
The bird seems to turn itself inside out-into something resembling a giant white powder puff.
Instead they puff up and expand, eventually shedding their outer gas layers.
The light rain and the cold made him puff himself out to keep warm.
Imagine the relief when you send a smoke signal for help and then, on the horizon, see a puff of smoke in return.
The best are encased in flaky puff pastry and baked on the walls of an earthen kiln instead of an oven.
The photo above is moments after a puff of smoke and an entire helicopter appeared.
Then again, maybe this cream puff has never seen a speck of mud.
If you arrange a charmingly shaped, prebaked lid made out of pie or puff pastry on top, you have a deconstructed tart in a bowl.
If you find yourself strapped for time or energy use bought, frozen puff pastry instead of the pastry dough.
When they begin to puff up gently turn over and brown other side.
If the bottoms of the shells puff up, tap down lightly with your fingers as often as necessary.
Dust devils puff around on the berm, and maple sprigs land in the yard with their white bellies up.
He took a puff on the cigar, but it was no longer lit.
He is an elfin figure with a soft puff of white hair, who seems to gravitate toward the lion's jaws.
Then, last summer, his campaign seemed to spontaneously combust in a puff of fund-raising troubles and staff intrigue.
Ledger, after a quick final puff, mounts his horse and reins it in for one more take.
He reached for a crab puff, leaving the sentence unfinished, not that it needed finishing.
These puff up in the hot fat in which they are cooked the way a cream pull does in the oven.
The fish comes to the table garnished with shrimps and mussels and flaky crescents of puff paste.
These data confirm the dusty puff model, but lots of question remain.
Bundles of smooth muscle fibers allow animals to puff up their fur for insulation or to intimidate others.
In fact, he was not blowing a single puff of smoke my way.
When the star expands, upper layers of its atmosphere puff up on top of the lower layers.
Your lofty goal of stretching their minds disappears in a puff of indifference.
The jets slow as they ram gas outside the galaxy, and eventually puff up and stop.
It compressed our magnetic field and partially ionized our atmosphere, causing it to puff up measurably.
They are golden puff-pastry packets containing a variety of savory fillings.
Extra fluid and gas can puff up even the fittest among us.
Six different varieties are available in flaky puff pastry fillings.
Continuous hot-air puffing is a common technique used by industry to puff cereal grains.
The layers of puff pastry are delicate, yet chewy, each one clearly articulated.
Between affairs, the magazine writer cranks out puff pieces about celebrities.
But a couple of decades have somehow taken the puff out of the stuff.
All of which could mean more time loitering outside buildings and in alleyways for smokers intent on grabbing a puff.

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