pudgy in a sentence

Example sentences for pudgy

His body has slipped back into a normal shape, slightly pudgy.
Visitors never seemed to tire of watching the pudgy couple munch bamboo.
Some rescued pictures of the pudgy dictator before searching for trapped relations.
In one case, it looked to be true, although genially pudgy would probably be a more accurate description than simply fat.
The closest family resemblance was the pudgy fingers with which he plunked the ivories.
He is sixty years old, bald and pudgy, and was wearing a purple open-necked shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
Bed bugs turn out to be rather cute under high magnification, all pudgy and bug-eyed.
The thicker mustache and the pudgy folded hand with thumb tucked under cover his mouth.
Lackey is short and pudgy, with the requisite shaved head of a new media hipster.
Maybe it's because these pudgy birds are widely known as monogamists.
They were pink and new-looking with pudgy behinds and ridiculous tails.
He was only of average height, pudgy and tending to jowls.

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I can smell the blade that opens the hole and the pudgy white fingers that shake out the intestines like a... more

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