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Loam soils absorb water at an even pace without heavy puddling or runoff.
The system, buried two feet deep near where the puddling occurs, does not leak.
The annular space outside of the casing is sealed with cement grout or puddling clay.
Yards should slope away from the house to prevent puddling near the foundation or under pier and beam houses.
When washing the roof, pay attention to drainage and make sure there is no puddling.
Puddling may be more a function of nutrient uptake than water requirements.
Tack is required to be applied uniformly without streaking or puddling.
Care shall be taken when applying such that running or puddling does not occur.
If you forgo the drainage holes, be sure to monitor moisture levels and prevent puddling.
Puddling occurs when ground-based equipment is operated during wet weather.
Remove any excess or puddling water prior to coating.
Puddling primer may expand the elastomeric concrete after it is installed.
Water slowly, or start and stop, so the water penetrates rather than puddling and running off.
Holds water for a long period of time without puddling.
Indications of liquid dripping include puddling or new stains that are indicative of an existing evaporated drip.
Puddling on the surface of media must be avoided because it clearly enhances root rot.
Indications of liquids dripping include puddling or new stains that are indicative of an existing evaporated drip.
He added there are one or two more houses still experiencing puddling.
The ground for the rear outriggers was noticeably wet with active drainage and puddling of water.

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