pucker in a sentence

Example sentences for pucker

And a few of us would pucker at levels of tannins that went unnoticed by others.
It's the kind of dessert that's so sweet it makes your lips pucker.
With a rubbing motion, thrill the skins of the tomatoes until they start to pucker and tumesce.
It's balanced when it starts off tart and sweet and then rounds out gracefully, from a pucker to a smile.
Trigger the hill-descent feature, too, and you reduce the downhill pucker factor dramatically.
Here's a mouthful from experts that might help you decide to pucker up or not.
The pucker of a good lemonade is as much a reality check as it is an antidote to summer heat.
Consistent holes are important so seams don't pucker.

Famous quotes containing the word pucker

You feel you could pucker up and blow away the miles between 49 Bard Road [Brixton] and that apartment in N... more
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