puck in a sentence

Example sentences for puck

The only problem: it had decomposed into the equivalent of a solid hockey puck.
The yearlings are trying to self-identify by a sense of belonging to a puck.
Hockey players give up their bodies to stop the puck.
So, let's skate to where the puck will be and invest in electric vehicles.
Not only is this recipe easy and more tasty than the store-bought soy-puck veggie burgers, it's also pretty fun to make.
It's the size of a hockey puck-small in diameter, plump in the middle-but juicy.
Still, it's an easily navigable hockey puck with controls that actually not excruciatingly difficult to use.
Each plane would be considered to be surrounded by two hockey-puck shaped volumes of space, one inside the other.
Protect and showcase your treasured investment with this quality single hockey puck display case.
He's got a great shot and he hasn't shot the puck enough.
His positioning is strong, he's strong in the puck area and he complements our special teams as well.
Sharp steel cut deep in cloudy ice as agile sinews swung hooked stick at elusive puck.
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