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Example sentences for publishing house

That's when my literary agent told me she was leaving the agent biz to head up a publishing house.
The project moves me toward my goal of publishing more complex fiction with a larger publishing house.
The work of contemporary poetry is accessed through buying the volume from the publishing house.
Internal awards given by the publishing house will not be included.
So he got together with a group of friends and started a publishing house.
One can only salute the boldness of a publishing house still willing to give it a try.
He is approached by a publishing house with the proposal that he prepare a textbook in algebra for ninth-grade pupils.
Its sales saved his publishing house, but he knew that both his parents were appalled by it.
It runs a newspaper, a publishing house and several literary magazines.
He and his friends founded two arts magazines, and he was a partner in a publishing house that produced exquisite books.
She works in a beauty parlor, but later switches jobs to become a proofreader in a publishing house.
And yet as he traveled from publishing house to publishing house, the author lost no adherents.
The government may also revoke a publishing house's license.
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