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Graduate students in the humanities often imagine that a career in commercial book publishing would suit them well.
Art-history scholars face narrowing publishing venues and rising permissions costs.
Publishing provides you with an important way to accomplish that.
Make sure you get someone who's succeeded in the publishing game to look at your prospectus before you contact presses.
It will also have serious implications for the future of publishing.
It will be no comfort to beaten-up bankers that their plight has spawned a mini-boom in publishing.
Because it derives revenues from business as well as consumers, publishing is much more stable than recording.
The metronomic clatter of flat-bed presses spewing out printed forms is the heartbeat of magazine publishing and pulp fiction.
Other investors are not so worried: they care more about growth and margins in its educational publishing businesses.
In a land where intellectuals are still cherished, publishing a book is a badge of seriousness.
The crunch has lasted long enough to spawn its own publishing mini-boom, as authors have raced to give their diagnoses in print.
Official-secrecy laws deter not only officials from leaking secrets but also journalists from publishing them.
Up to the time of publishing this book there has been no exact determination of its probable age.
Not long ago, publishing and other media businesses mostly aimed to sell blockbusters.
One of the barriers to publishing a story about diamond growers is that almost everyone involved is touchy about secrecy.
We're ready for the next stage in rethinking the relationship between pricing, publishing, and print and digital delivery.
We need to stop thinking about the future of publishing and think instead about the future of reading.
She was turned down by every major publishing house.
Traveler's publishing goals are to find the new, to showcase fresh travel opportunities, to be an advocate for travelers.
The rise of personal publishing online is impacting the professional media in many ways.
Some science and medical journal editors avoid publishing research findings that could draw lawsuits under restrictive libel laws.
One point the article fails to make is that web publishing is so much more conducive to multimedia communication.
Scientists must ask corporations for permission before publishing independent research on genetically modified crops.
Main stream newspapers and journals have started appreciating the need for publishing facts about radiation.
Kudos to the editors for publishing this piece on a topic that might otherwise have slipped under the radar.
So, thank you for publishing this article and helping to clear up that little mystery.
The publishing industry, meanwhile, is embracing consumers' move away from meat.
In many respects, he's a model for contemporary authors confronted with a wobbly publishing industry and a fractured marketplace.
The magazine begins publishing two fiction issues a year.
Now content is experiencing a resurgence with the rising popularity of blogs and new low-cost online publishing models.
As for not answering email, well, it's easy to get swamped with emails when you start publishing a ton of apps.
Everybody quietly steps around it and keeps publishing more theory that does not have empirical validity.
Book publishing involves many expenses that book buyers may not appreciate, the publishers say.
Before the theft, he had the potential to earn a certain amount of money by selling the publishing rights to his work.
In the world of publishing, good people have lost their jobs, and more job losses are on the horizon.
Digital media are transforming the publishing industry.
Books about addiction and recovery are among the fastest-growing genres in publishing.
As publishing struggles, the memoirs of stand-up comedians are flying off the shelves.
Then she turned around and issued a press release, demanding to know why the columnist was publishing smears.
Writers get one minute to pitch their book ideas to an all-star panel of publishing experts.
University presses, which depend on sales to libraries, cannot cover their costs by publishing monographs.
And now in the digital age of publishing, the camera is perceived by some as a violation of privacy and even a potential threat.
Nor do careless publishing houses pay much of a price in reputation.
Anticipation also grew with news of a novel begun nearly thirty years ago that has been under contract at three publishing houses.

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