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It would appear that the dramatist was especially exposed to the predatory habits of the piratical publisher.
The methods employed by the bookseller and publisher for advertising his books are mainly a matter of surmise.
It may even be doubted whether he ever hawked his manuscript about in order to secure a publisher.
Its success for the moment is the affair of the publisher alone.
The author's success is of a wholly different kind from that of the publisher, and he is thoughtless who demands both.
They sold for twenty-five cents each, without profit to either editor or publisher.
His position was entirely different from that of the ordinary printer or publisher.
Publisher after publisher read it, and it didn't make a significant impression.
They cost two and a half pence, the same as ten cigarettes, the publisher touted.
Today, more than ever, you also have to become your publisher's partner.
As textbook prices rise, so do allegations of publisher payoffs.
Buy access to an e-book and a publisher can set limits on what you do with it.
The professor would happily have waived the royalties due him but found that his publisher would not waive its fees.
Or perhaps you're a librarian or an academic publisher.
The burden here, which often falls on the publisher, is clearing permissions.
There is a lot of information at the publisher's website below.
The process is organised by the publisher but conducted, for free, by scholars.
Thirdly, let's not forget that the publisher accounted for roughly the same variation as producers.
The publisher is key, because he needs money to print and distribute the journal for its tiny community of readers.
Now the forty-seven-year-old publisher and chairman is faced with two critical matters.
He packs his books off to the publisher without fuss.
If you're interested, please contact me for the instructions from my publisher.
The publisher decided to go with some, ah, negative comments.
Her use of essentially an online vanity publisher further diminishes her professional stature.
No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Instead, the controversial publisher found herself jobless.
Digitization makes possible a world in which anyone can claim to be a publisher and anyone can call him- or herself an author.
His agent and publisher have never laid eyes on him.
He emerges from the storm with a fund of twenty-six stories, which he offers to a sympathetic publisher.

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