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Publish or perish has long been the burden of every aspiring university professor.
We prefer that writers publish under their own names.
Though literary journals are often seen as too esoteric to be relevant, they regularly discover and publish emerging authors.
In college she wanted to publish and her dream came true.
He does publish data wether it supports or refutes his position.
It will be months before the scientists publish the full results of their experiment.
The new publish tool also allows you to export images to folders on your desktop or an external drive.
Those who don't publish as much gradually fall behind in pay.
If you set up a similar one academics will not publish in it as it does not have a reputation.
The researchers plan to publish their preliminary results in a peer-reviewed scientific journal later this year.
In some places it is the norm to publish practically everything you do.
He acts as a liaison between landowners and the tribe, but asks me not to publish his name.
The company also announces plans to publish tons of out-of-print records.
The story of his supposed writer's block has become almost as familiar to many readers as anything he did publish.
One indicator of prowess is how much a country's researchers publish.
We then average their scores and publish the results.
We expect scientists and doctors to be upfront about whether papers they publish may line their purses.
There wouldn't have been any reason to publish it, even by the standard means of an artist's representation.
Some scientists are well known in the field because they publish only in high-tier journals, and do so on a regular basis.
In return, the government would publish a blueprint for the next stage of the peace process.
The researchers plan to publish those results next year.
Connect the dots and publish a real story based on the facts.
We also publish free newsletters on technology, community colleges, and hiring.
We will also publish a transcript of the interview later in the week.
The team plans to publish preliminary results in a peer-reviewed journal early next year.
If you really made a groundbreaking scientific discovery, the astronomy journals will be rushing to publish your paper.
If you spend enough time educating yourself, you may even be able to publish papers.
Frank said, he hopes to publish texts for other disciplines.
Crime statistics make such gloomy reading that the government now refuses to publish them more than once a year.
But another study finds that reminding kids the info is public may tame the content they publish on the social-networking site.
The scores measure the citation visibility of established journals and of researchers who publish in them.
Wolf and her colleagues aim to publish finalized recommendations by the end of the year.
Our decisions about which essays to publish aren't governed by a need for editorial variety alone.
One possible change is to collect better information and to publish it in company accounts.
Have them write articles they might publish in a local newspaper to inform the general public about their research.
But don't publish a study without taking in all the factors of what makes the life span shorter.
And sometimes journals defend mistakes by refusing to publish sharp critiques of them.
But then you publish the photos, and some people are disturbed by dead-body pictures.
It is our intention to publish all of these tags as linked open data.
But it really takes some courage to publish the two side-by-side.
Unless you are under a lot of pressure to publish immediately, this is a good outcome.
In the past the press was the main channel for leaks and editors judged whether to publish sensitive information.
They do not even publish your treatises if you contradict these theories.
The charges range all over the map, and this is a more and more common way to publish journals.
All this is good news for the companies that design and publish video games, too.
It plans to publish a manifesto by the end of the year.
Or, they probably thought why not publish it and people can discuss and debunk it.
In a world in which researchers must publish or perish, such indexes are the firing squads.
Now, anything they publish has to be judged in light of the garbage science they foster.
But the rush to announce or publish findings can sometimes cause unforeseen problems when it comes to protecting.
If the editors publish their books, those students will get and keep a job.
My guess is that it is in no one's economic interest to publish such a study.
We publish these annual surveys in part to promote public discussion and action in support of destination stewardship.
Now they publish findings that could advance the theory of evolution further.
Different scientists in different labs need to repeat the protocols and publish their results.
Efforts to publish those findings have been fraught.
We do not publish new theories or results of original research.
Funny, because you already authorized those apps to publish whatever you listen to or watch.
Now, if you can prove it's your face- by all means publish your findings.
It is always a mistake to publish anything that has not been peer reviewed, edited and proof-checked.
Or the news media for publishing, or failure to publish, warnings.
So-called rehabilitation centers should publish their rates of improvement, and they should be required by law to do so.
One of the great problems in our society, is that anyone can publish anything.
If you have solid evidence discrediting evolution publish.
Notice how they didn't publish a link to the actual study data.
It's a given that editors will occasionally publish pieces based on their personal opinions.
In a loosely coordinated movement, dozens of hardware inventors around the world have begun to freely publish their specs.
Military officials have been wrestling for years with how to handle troops who publish blogs.
Many foundations publish the names of their fellowship recipients.
The intricacies and formalities of citation become useful to scholars only when they publish their work.
X's supervisor has asked him to present a paper at a conference and to publish a paper together.
The authors and the journals set to publish the work reluctantly agreed.
My field is in the physical sciences, where professors publish anywhere from a few papers a year to many.
Supposedly, this was a more tame decision than that which he was prepared to publish.
Naturally, every journal has page limits, so they can't publish all the good papers.
They live in poverty suck up to professors, and publish, for one must publish to be tenured.
There were often pages and pages of challenges to the authors' arguments, concluding with a recommendation to publish anyway.
In a free country people should be free to publish whatever they want within the limits set by law.
They are not, for instance, legally obliged to publish their accounts.
Elsewhere, the government says newspapers will now need to apply only once for a permit to publish, rather than every year.
Also, publish what kind of information that was requested by all government around the world.
It is unusual for serving heads-of-state to publish memoirs, for good reason.
So would encouraging researchers to deposit their raw data into a central database when they publish a paper based on it.
In academia you publish and subject your work to criticism and comment, and sometimes your ideas are shot down.
They have no real chief executive officer or board of directors, and they don't publish financial statements.
B lack does publish alternative points of view, provided the writing is of high quality.
They're now starting to publish fine-grained histories of the disease, tracking individual mutations as they arise and spread.
As a result, some of the proofs they publish are factually wrong.
It would be absurd to think that pressure to publish consensus studies is the only pressure out there.
He tends to publish his work in a journal that he himself founded and edits.
Now, funny thing is that a lot of companies will publish white papers that show their general ideas on a particular topic.
If research submitted to the journal has no scientific basis, don't publish it.
Simply publish something that disagrees and get hounded out of your job.
One does not publish or republish a work without the knowledge and consent of the author.
The modern writer owns the play by copyright and can publish it on his or her own, whether produced or not.
In essence, corporations get to choose the yardstick by which they measure the profits that they publish.
If you publish diagrams of network computer switching, that wouldn't be the case.
They publish a small community magazine and take part in civic projects.
But he told reporters he would not publish the autopsy report.

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