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Intensely private partnerships have become publicly traded companies.
Yet she continues to be publicly critical of the police state that her homeland has become.
He began hallucinating and, for reasons unknown, publicly parading around in the buff.
Lee has never discussed her output, or lack of one, publicly.
Nearly every profession publicly honors its top performers with an award.
The fruits of a publicly funded gene research consortium were supposed to be released into a public database.
Instead, head out to the public markets and manage a publicly traded company.
Professors are charged to profess, to acknowledge their views publicly.
To have the paper accepted, two cultures of the strain must be publicly available.
Problems with emergency equipment and disaster procedures are far more pervasive than publicly described.
People who have publicly announced that they have ended their campaigns.
The possibilities will begin to be tested more widely this fall, when some of the mapping tools are made publicly available.
Though he is wary of publicly backing road pricing, his department is scrutinising the option.
The secrecy has spawned environmentalists' efforts to make such data more publicly accessible.
Senators promise to reintroduce a bill forcing scientific publishers to post publicly funded research results for free.
The new publicly funded stem-cell bank builds on this precedent.
Publicly vilified, the predators also drew more scientific scrutiny.
T rex and other fossils to be auctioned off publicly next week.
He also aided a vigilante effort that publicly named several suspects.
Both publicly denied having any problems, but by this time the writing was on the wall.
Two to four people should be the right number for publicly subsidized housing.
The group said that the script spooled the submitted comments and personal data to a publicly accessible file.
Punters who cruise red-light districts will be vigorously prosecuted and publicly shamed.
Faye approached financial backers about his plan, gave interviews, and spoke publicly.
The technologies industries commercialize often have their origins in publicly funded science or military research projects.
But it took only a single day after the signing for the core disagreement between the two sides to surface publicly.
Fox visited recently, and publicly said that the symptoms of his disease were diminished when he was there.
Publicly humbled by a frank report on its failings, the bank has made a raft of changes.
In another test, being publicly rude also seemed to engender a perceived sense of power.
Ten years ago, almost three-quarters of its portfolio was in publicly traded shares.
But he has begun to raise money and muse publicly on the state's future.
Also, all data collected by the project will be made publicly available for anyone to cite or reuse.
Individual reports may also reveal salaries and perks for executives that are not publicly available.
Investigating corruption properly and publicly implies that it exists, which disillusions fans and deters sponsors.
Bronco stock will not be publicly traded, will not pay any dividends, and the shares will not appreciate in value.
Nor does it apply to the college professor who publicly objects to the dean's new program or the chancellor's latest policy.
That's why you cannot name a single scientist for me who will appear publicly and defend this ridiculous theory that you have.
There are numerous other examples where the innovative use of publicly available information can be damaging for the individual.
Security would have kept them from being publicly revealed, had the limitations of the human body ever allowed them to be reached.
Then other scientists publicly take apart the discovery-the measurements were full of errors, the statistics were cursory.
He sought peace, but drinking heavily and brawling publicly, he failed to find it.
We have made it publicly known that these devices are out there.
The public sector, including publicly-owned enterprises and the municipalities, plays the dominant role in the economy.
Those, when they happen to surface publicly, make for clear and outrage-inducing news fodder from great distances away.
Only one of the economists consistently noted those affiliations when speaking and writing publicly.
Offering numerous unique programmes in the region, it is the largest publicly-funded tertiary.
However, many others subscribe to privately or publicly traded course-management companies.
We're being encouraged to post our papers and handouts to a publicly accessible conference website.
And such is his air of donnish authority that not even baldness has dared to challenge him publicly.
These sites collate publicly available information and present it in a user-friendly way.
There are quiet bail-outs, she adds, even among publicly listed companies.
In such an environment, family businesses have great advantages over publicly owned companies.
The research will use publicly available data and will begin with observational studies to establish baseline normative behaviors.
Most of the investments are in privately held companies, but some involve the acquisition of publicly traded companies.
Kind words about her have hardly been spoken publicly in years.
As peer groups get richer, the balance between private pleasure and publicly visible consumption shifts.
Offering publicly traded stock allows growing businesses to tap into vast pools of capital to fund their expansion.
Some attendees declined to reveal their agencies because they were afraid to speak publicly.
Advertisers also mine publicly shared information to develop powerful marketing tools.
The videos can be shared publicly or with a select few.
The department will post the payments in a publicly accessible database.
Cataloging and identifying the genetic patrimony should be publicly-funded and the fruits should be in the public domain.
Believers in those countries also said they felt more publicly supported than did their non-religious peers.
Opponents were routinely exiled, imprisoned, or publicly executed.
Most of the material has never before been published or even publicly displayed.
He was publicly vilified and then sent into solitary confinement.
From that time to this, he has refused to discuss the case publicly, or to admit to interviewers that he received the letter.
The theme of a publicly misjudged character's private anguish has grown, in comics history, to dominate the form.
But it's also sad and stressful to watch a capable artist fail so publicly.
All of this has led several other prominent environmentalists to publicly favor new nuclear plants.
The video is publicly available, though in an obscure location.
Amazing what can be done with a huge publicly-funded research budget and no political interference.
Real courage would be if someone were to publicly decline the prize and state quite clearly why.
Publicly funded science is tainted by the politics needed to get funding.
We are not going to get radical change unless there is a publicly perceived need for it.
The mistake was not publicly acknowledged for almost a year after it occurred.
They also glean the weather from publicly available websites.
Prior to an election, officials can publicly commit to the codes that will be printed on the ballots.
For example, you can decide if you want photos to be viewable publicly or only to you and some designated others.
Unless this is another example of lousy publicly available geologic data.
Somebody has to decide which basic research projects should be publicly funded.
National security restrictions prohibit anyone from speaking publicly about the program.
When viewed through that prism, it seems clear and even necessary that such a project is publicly funded and managed.
He did not mean that the power of poetry should be publicly recognized or that poets should occupy the offices of state.
They can't understand why he is getting a trial and would have preferred to have him killed publicly and immediately.
What is more, he publicly endorsed the officers who were directing it.
Whether publicly funded or privately obtained public art can be as controversial as it is indefinable.
To be able to speak publicly without needing a speech.
It's entirely based on publicly available information.
The board stayed quiet publicly, but sources say its members were upset.

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