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Example sentences for publicize

The popular media publicize these findings widely, which directly affects consumer behavior.
Editors are trying to publicize that shift, but knowledge travels slowly when it has to crawl over high hopes and expectations.
It would also allow companies to publicize sales events at which college athletes would be present.
They didn't see any benefit to them by helping publicize this circus.
Some major media organizations have reduced coverage of violence citing ethics guidelines, so as to not publicize cartel killings.
Then they could publicize the sales figures daily to encourage geek parents to buy the version they want to win for their kids.
Holt and his team will be actively looking for the best playlist creators, whom they plan to publicize as tastemakers.
Few teams publicize it for the obvious reason they want you to belly up to their concession stands.
Rather, it is to publicize that these fares are available for people doing good in the world.
Airlines celebrate and publicize these partnerships when they are created.
And few employers would actually go after employees who publicize their salaries.
People skilled in avoiding taxes would likely also decline to publicize their tax information.
Some of that money will also be used for the first year of a campaign to publicize the image.
For these journals critical prose exists not to provide a disinterested perspective on new books but to publicize them.
If they have successfully developed a model to time significant market corrections, of course they aren't going to publicize it.
But my guess is that editors are afraid of what will happen to them if they delve too deeply into this subject, or publicize it.
We encourage readers and bloggers to join us, publicize, and speak out in a growing collective voice for those who cannot.
It might help to publicize that if one is trying to get people to be more accepting of the data.
It was the first beauty line to publicize its policy of not testing on animals.
Once again, he'd declined to publicize their role in solving a high-profile case.
The more enterprising ones have tried by various means to publicize their cause.
It would certainly be important to publicize its usefulness and also its possible side effects.
In the week ahead, don't give anyone any reason to publicize your errors or gossip about your mistakes.
Despite my encouragement to him that he publicize this part of his life, he resists.
And if you are an old hand, please, please publicize the names of the companies that have adopted your philosophy.
Display park watch signs to publicize park staff and park visitor participation.
Publicize the program through news releases and public service announcements.
Publicize community outreach programs by the department and its employees.
It must establish and publicize procedures for handling these requests.
We post them here to publicize events that may be of interest to some of our members.
Perform and publicize energy retro-fits in public buildings as an example for the community.
Remember to publicly acknowledge their support as you publicize your event.
Presumably these securities were so bad that they wouldn't even publicize their credit rating.
We provide resources to help with these activities and an information network to publicize them.
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