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Even bad publicity is publicity and amounts to more sales.
Wal-Mart's critics dismiss the move as a publicity stunt.
Glad to see these familiar guys are getting publicity.
It started as a publicity stunt, but now the bloom is off the rose.
Guest accompanying the winner must sign the liability and publicity release described below.
It seems only reasonable that there would be some type of publicity for this milestone.
The publicity would get you contracts all over the place.
More photos from the extravagant publicity stunt are below.
Churches that practice serpent handling tend to be wary of publicity.
He also doesn't think a right of publicity was breached.
However, the publicity given to the sighting has raised a number of interesting questions.
The trial itself was a circus, largely a publicity stunt for the county.
When published the cards received negative publicity.
He insisted he was perfectly alert and lucid, adding that he was not a publicity hound, either.
In my capstone public-relations course, my students work with nonprofit organizations on publicity campaigns.
He argued it would give her more publicity than she deserved.
Used in his memoir and lectures, this was a favorite publicity photo.
It isn't merely harmless publicity for their research project.
In addition, any guests that accompany the winner must sign the liability and publicity release described below.
It's often worth it to print the controversial even when it's tragically flawed to get debate and publicity going.
There's a lot of potential to use a profile as a publicity organ.
Those who did it better have always garnered more publicity than those who did it first.
Publicity stunts have been performed to extract money from the perpetually guilt ridden hand wringers.
It is of course a publicity stunt, designed to shift the regular, plastic-encased version of the disk.
Not only did it receive far more publicity than its sponsorship money would have bought.
Wright works for the publicity firm that represents the sign and has given me access to an area usually off-limits.
Nor is it a publicity stunt, he argues, answering an accusation that's been raised.
Wagoner says the next few months will be spent drumming up publicity.
The guy has gotten all the publicity that he wanted beyond his wildest dreams.
Monographs do not have those built-in publicity mechanisms.
The gift programs also have full-time staff members and a publicity budget.
If some of the junior-level publicity people have transformed their cubicle into a meth lab, your agent will find out about that.
He was a media star, posing for cheesecake publicity shoots, popping up on girlie calendars and matchbook covers.
With no traffic cops on the moon, the only deterrent against damaging sites might be the prospect of negative publicity.
But the revelation was also seen as a hoax and publicity stunt.
If they can't, then, they should delete the glaring publicity they are giving him daily.
The publicity, and the volunteer help it generated, were astonishing.
Renewables are still one giant gravy train of subsidies and are also good publicity.
It is an extremely superficial article written mainly with publicity in mind more than anything else.
Publicity is selling what you have: the film's stars and sometimes its director.
Despite such dreamy free publicity, the first episode didn't get good ratings.
The in-house advance publicity for these broadcasts was lavish.
But his satellite-monitoring project is far more than a publicity ploy.
Maybe all that was required was a slower pace and more publicity for the changes he had made.
The book is generating a lot of publicity and selling well there.
But it was the film's publicity, not the collective unconscious, that first elided the phrase.
When a book comes out, authors need all the publicity they can get.
When first released, the product generated some negative publicity.
If they're willing to endure the bad publicity, they might be better off seeing it through.
Anything that causes a stir, after all, brings publicity.
It was serious indeed, but few critics at the time could see past the gloss of publicity to detect the object of value.
They then prematurely announced a slew of tour dates, including on the mainland, presumably to drum up publicity.
What made me speak is my dread of the horrible publicity which clings to all this lousiness.
There are tons of publicity and training pictures of him, though.
In a reversal of their earlier distaste for publicity, they started to actively proselytise for their beliefs.
Companies that complied would benefit from good publicity.
Now it's a necessary stop on any summer blockbuster's publicity blitz.
So great was the fear of piracy that photography was banned, and there was an embargo on all publicity for one month.
She was shy about going to the police, afraid of the publicity.
Publicity dramatically accelerates the spread of the contagion.
She hopes to break that cycle by launching a publicity tour to promote the magazine and herself.
Some speculated the move was more of a publicity stunt to generate interest in the new league.
The campaign will have to look at every online opportunity for free publicity.
State and local governments are readying their publicity machines.
Judging by the advance publicity it is not full of surprises.
He probably owed this remarkable immunity in large part to his aversion to publicity.
More bad publicity is the last thing the industry needs.
Instead they moved it to a larger venue after publicity over the row sparked big demand to see it.
In other words, it reduces the risk of boycotts and bad publicity.
He flew under that radar year after year, without getting much publicity.
She did not seek publicity about her participation in the national litigation.
It also would bring the scene that much more publicity.
Publicity could also open hospitals to more malpractice claims, even when panels find no wrongdoing.

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