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Bond with your publisher's publicity department, and keep your publicist abreast of your planned activities.
Mockingbird is hardly a marketer's or publicist's dream, and could easily have been dismissed as a downer.
The queen's publicist didn't immediately respond to an e-mail asking for more details about her being a fan of ours.
Yet he is a great self-publicist, who then worked his stubbornness into the campaign as a selling point.
They could even be fired for doing it because that makes them your publicist and not an objective observer.
He gives few interviews, doesn't employ a publicist, and has never advertised his line.
The press's publicist says the press is discussing the switch internally as well.
The publicist who arranged my meeting was not on the bus.
We had a bookkeeper and a publicist and a president.
Or, to be precise, one scholar-squirrel and one plump publicist pigeon for the pot.
She has to pay a publicist to promote her and her so called image.
It was her publicist who had read it and requested the changes.
The comedians are friends-they share a publicist, for whatever that's worth.
Cantor, a publicist before becoming a producer, hoisted signs for his marquees as humorous as the plays they pushed.
But you walk by newsstands and it's a publicist's dream: they are on every cover.

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