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All material in this publication may be reprinted freely.
We do not use any articles submitted to, accepted by, or published by another publication.
Too many academics submit articles with half-developed arguments as if they were ready for publication.
In my discipline this would depend on the form of publication journal.
More and more often, the editing stage of a book or journal article headed for publication is entirely paperless.
It is a publication that covers the church, not a church publication.
The successful candidate should be committed to a sustained agenda of research, publication, and community engagement.
In addition, scholarly research and publication and service to the profession, the college and the department are expected.
Applicants should have a record of continuing publication commensurate with their level of experience.
Its publication was the high-water mark of the idealistic tide.
Sandys was induced at the close of his life to write out for publication twenty-two of his sermons.
Only as means of publication were multiplied and made more available did it take on the natural tones of everyday use.
Of the importance of a publication of two years later, however, there can be no question.
But the scandal increased fado's appeal, leading to the publication of its first sheet music.
Now the trend of posthumous publication is seeping from books to movies.
Do take a look at our website if you are not familiar with the publication.
And the kangaroo riddle too is about to be solved, with publication of that animal's genome due in the next few months.
These pages mark their debut in a national publication.
The patterns of relationships change from one publication to the next.
Last year the publication of two studies that supported opposite conclusions fueled debate over the map's origins.
Since then, there has been--surprise--no formal publication, but the buzz of speculation continues.
The team, however, were unable to comment as their research has been submitted for publication and is under embargo.
The finding has already led one publication to retract a paper for being too similar to a prior article by another author.
There were certainly much more pressing issues that day than the correct name of this publication.
Ten years ago publication of the human genome sequence gave the world a blueprint for a human being.
After all the purpose of publication is to attract attention and evaluation.
Research conducted improperly is better left undone, regardless of any publication quotas that may apply.
If it wasn't print publication, it was web publication.
It will dominate the world of small-press-run publication for a century.
Post-publication peer review-and open science in general-is attracting a growing number of followers in the scientific community.
Postgraduate students bring in grants and beef up their supervisors' publication records.
If normal journalism is the first draft of history, this publication is a stab at a first draft of the future.
Ministers often get to see them as much as a week before publication.
With the publication of this report, it might seem that fuel prices have solved the problem.
During that case the paper admitted it had not sought comment from him prior to publication, lest he seek a gagging order.
There's even a publication packed with information and recipes on crawling invertebrates.
However, if a photo is chosen for publication in the magazine, it will be fact-checked.
Several events will be held worldwide in support of the book's publication.
Most manuscripts were returned to their senders, while a few were accepted for publication.
The significance of this new medium for the publication and distribution of poetry remains to be seen.
As the recipe cross-tester, he spent four years troubleshooting recipes prior to their publication.
But something happened to the report on the way to publication.
His results will be ready for publication in several months.
The results of the study are being prepared for publication, and could be out next month.
It was one of three papers chosen to be fast-tracked for publication.
Once again, another article that would be happier in a business journal, not a technical publication.
For some you should consider the environmental impact of continuing paper publication.
The journal publication has been added to the story.
Write and commission articles for the website and print publication.
Science is conducted through research, peer review and publication.
So, it is not the matter of who said what and who reviewed them for publication.
It's understandable that it can take some time to get scientific results together for publication.
She withheld full publication until she had checked her work too much to doubt it.
They didn't use the same methodology or cohort, and the standards for publication in the two journals are much different.
There is often a long delay between submission and publication of a paper.
Any number of the scandals covered in this publication can prove the point.
One more, in a publication by you, would surely do the trick.
We've moved our publication schedule because the news environment has shifted and because we've been listening to you.
Negotiations and efforts by the publishers to resume publication failed.
It is reissued here with a new introduction by the author on the fiftieth anniversary of its first publication.
It was a letter protesting an exaggerated report, but was hasty and unwise and he tried to withdraw it before publication.
It was a subject close to the author's heart: his books generally went through several versions before and after publication.
First, a little cultural archaeology, for the story behind this publication is almost as interesting as its contents.

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