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Example sentences for public servant

Tobias thinks of himself as a humble public servant.
Everyone's favorite axe-wielding, shades-wearing public servant has made the jump from web comic to print.
It is ubiquitous in the lowest ring of the public servant to the higher echelon of the presidency.
Put differently, a public servant has no right to a private life.
They are meant to distract us from what a public servant is hired to do.
So he's actually been a public servant and a good teacher, in that he's opened minds and evoked discussion.
Shriver was the one who had the stuff to come into his own as a political figure and a public servant.
He was a supremely dedicated, incorruptible public servant.
When elected this public servant will give the nation pride and vision once again, in its history, and achievements.
In part, perhaps, because he still thought of himself as a public servant.
Every year there's a pool to guess which mayor or member of a small village will be awarded a vacancy as public servant.
He will be missed as a remarkable public servant and trusted colleague.
Frank was an extraordinary educator, leader and public servant.
No public servant ever had more perfect reward, than his, and no public servant ever was more deserving.
The building that is collapsing under the public servant's limousine is a schoolhouse.
Balloon boys parents are expected to plead guilty today to attempting to influence a public servant and false reporting.
She is not only an extraordinary public servant, but she is also somebody who is warm and caring.
Had he killed a police officer, another public servant, there is little doubt that he would have received life.
It does not prohibit a public servant from representing his former public agency.
Embodies the integrity and ethics expected of a public servant.

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