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Example sentences for public sector

He improved quality and cut costs by letting private firms compete with the public sector to supply many of the city's services.
Yes cuts are painful because they will displace people from jobs n the public sector.
Standard government hiring puts a heavy emphasis on applicants' experience in the public sector.
In the public sector, they are promoted and given a raise and a desk job.
They work closely with the public sector, trying to strengthen it.
It is even more frustrating if that business involves the public sector and government employees.
Government-backed refinancing is another option but it puts a lot of fiscal risk on the public sector.
Management consultants have been hopping all over the public sector for years.
The accelerating demise of final-salary schemes provided by companies contrasts with their rude health in the public sector.
The disruptive reforms that have so changed the private sector should now be let loose on the public sector.
Perhaps their members, particularly in the public sector, actually believed them.
Meanwhile, the public sector needs to invest more, especially to eliminate transport bottlenecks.
He has barely begun to reform the country's bloated public sector.
Our courses are focused on the skills and knowledge that employees need to succeed in today's public sector workplace.
Nowhere is the need for talented people more critical than in the public sector.
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