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Grippes met the retired public prosecutor on the landing and they discussed the nuclear threat.
The indictments prepared by the public prosecutor are almost surreally obtuse.
Grippes and the public prosecutor, meeting by chance on the day of the mishap, took a long time and needed a rest on each landing.
The public prosecutor read from charge sheets and the defendants-or, less often, their lawyers-responded.
He was arrested, but found out while dining with a public prosecutor that his case had been dropped.
His business dealings are now being investigated by the public prosecutor's office.
The public prosecutor may question the president next week.
The public prosecutor is seeking legal advice on whether the book may be defamatory.
The combined firepower of the legislature, judiciary, the public prosecutor and even the army is being deployed.
The case was brought by civil plaintiffs, against the advice of the public prosecutor.
She wants to study law and become a public prosecutor.
The public prosecutor this week began an inquiry into her allegations.
The public prosecutor initially said that there were no grounds to suspect anti-Semitism.
The district attorney is the public prosecutor, except as otherwise provided by law.
The initial decision to detain a suspect is made by a police officer, who must inform the public prosecutor at the outset.
Police stations received complaints from the public, made arrests, and forwarded cases to the public prosecutor.
Even the concept of a public prosecutor may be a product of this interchange.
If the police decide to open a case, it will be referred to the public prosecutor who then directs necessary investigation.
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