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In the first place, the courts have said that public policy requires the power of the master and officers should be sustained.
He says the strength of the new school will be business and its interaction with technology and public policy.
Recognising that public policy must aim to influence culture is not the same as suggesting how.
Private money and private interests still control too much of public policy.
Our entire public policy process is built on the image of people as utility maximizing rational creatures.
Many public policy decisions today have a high-tech component.
Disinformation is malicious, and is designed to protect and increase industry profits at the expense of sane public policy.
She's best known, though, for her work on security and public policy.
Public policy reforms in the poor countries are therefore not enough.
Obviously is a lack of public policy for water and sanitation.
Thus there is no rational justification for using climate model forecasts to determine public policy.
Secrecy is of no benefit to science nor to the making of public policy.
But it is the sort of public policy labor whose fruits won't be apparent for years.
But the media relies on his brand of hyperbole to have any sort of public policy debate.
What might be good public policy at one point in time could be bad public policy at another.
Public policy created an expectation of no-money-down loans with easy qualifying standards.
Easy to conceive of how these sorts of scientific models could be leveraged in public policy discussions.
Her work includes a unique pairing of engineering and public policy in the field of energy systems research.
Elsewhere around the globe, aggressive public policy has pushed geothermal success.
The public must be able to trust the science and scientific process informing public policy decisions.
He's basically proposing to use prediction markets to shape public policy.
They smoothly manipulate real findings in a deceptive shell game intended to convince the public, and shape public policy.
We bring you this reminder because a knowledge of basic physics can occasionally be helpful when formulating public policy.
Clearly, there's no perfectly empirical way to make public policy.
Stay with what has made you respected: criticism of science and its applications in public policy.
Climate science is popular because of its high profile in public policy right now and the potential existential implications.
If scientists want their work to inform public policy they have to know how to do it effectively and not counter-productively.
Because lurking behind the scientific arguments is a big public policy conflict over what to do about teenage pregnancy.
If you want to argue for or against public policy then do not bring your religious arguments along with you.
Renewable portfolio standards are awful public policy.
As these two articles make clear, new technologies are raising critical questions of public policy that must be answered soon.
The consequence, as the study's authors point out, was to stymie any real debate on public policy.
Reading, writing, and arithmetic are no longer sufficient to decide on public policy.
And whatever the demands of his office, silence on matters of public policy has always been a relative one.
And this is not a matter of specialisms, but of public policy.
By this he does not mean sudden changes in legislation or public policy.
What matters for public policy is practical usefulness, not intellectual creativity for its own sake.
Free-market advocates argue that's bad public policy.
The bias against complexity extends not only to public corruption, but all matters of public policy.
The new science may even be starting to change public policy.
Organizations that offer information about adoption advocacy and public policy.
The public must be able to trust the science and scientific process informing public policy decisions.

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