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Our inner, private life has impacts on our external public life as well.
As they soar in the nation's public life, their cherished text soars with them.
It would be preferable to have some respite from buying and selling, some separation between private and public life.
His withdrawal from public life lasted only three years.
His many supporters, in and out of public life, hold in their hands the ability to determine that legacy.
However, participating in public life on the services requires attaching your name to your statements.
Superficial or make-believe political discourse is not the fundamental problem in some areas of public life.
Over the past decade, influential figures in public life have decreed that school reform is the key to fixing poverty.
He warned us against the corrupting effect on politics and public life of the misuse of language, which pleases almost everyone.
Over the past decade, influential figures in public life have decreed that school reform is the key to fixing poverty.
Knighthood or not, he was not about to walk back into public life.
And a worrying whiff of sleaze hangs over public life.
It's an essential barrier to maintaining a separation between private life, public life, and work life.
Its links with business and public life were alarming.
Once government annexes some area of personal or public life, it almost never retreats.
Resignations from public life, and the concomitant loss of salary and privileges, are extremely rare.
However, a healthy democracy requires the active, freely chosen participation of citizens in public life.
Then she backed away from politics and made clear that her interests were not in public life.
Those who take advantage of this may have a period of quarantine from public life.
In a great number of countries religion plays an important role in public life.

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