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Example sentences for public library

Undaunted, he has been searching for work online, using the free computers at a public library.
Part of my property taxes go towards our county public library.
Also check with her public library about the ebooks it has and if they can be read on the kindle.
My sense is that the public library job market isn't is pretty lousy right now.
Plenty of online resources are available, and your university and your public library probably have publications to help you.
If you really want to unload the books, be responsible and donate the books to a public library.
Here's how: every time you read a book review and have interest, add it to your request list at the public library.
But a public library is something ineffable and sacrosanct, a cornerstone of democracy.

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Then the question began to live under my blankets: How did lesbianism begin? What were the symptoms? The public li... more
No place affords a more striking conviction of the vanity of human hopes than a public library.... more
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