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In figuring out how to use the city's transport network, the public interest should trump private ones.
There's been a resurgence of public interest in this forgotten star ever since her wartime patents came to light.
Public interest in science ultimately brings funding to science.
The proper guardians of the public interest are governments, which are accountable to all citizens.
It is one thing to believe that profit-seeking serves no public interest directly.
But the newspaper kept up the coverage until public interest dwindled.
More important are the proposed new statutory defences against libel claims: truth, public interest and honest opinion.
Today, he says, public interest is shifting to a huge number-the long tail-of individual niche interests.
At the same time, public interest in the camp has never been higher.
But taxpayers have been on the hook for billions, and whether the public interest has been protected is a matter of debate.
The question is one of balance, weighing the protection of the law against the strong public interest in continued innovation.
The result is the same, however: an agency that cannot or does not enforce the public interest against powerful private actors.
He generally neither intends to promote the public interest, nor knows how much he is promoting it.
The line between the public interest and private interests has blurred.
They are watchdogs for the public interest, an important part of the communal mind and memory of the nation.
These new finds are likely to be a huge boon for archaeologists, and may increase public interest, as well.
Privacy is as much in the public interest as the invasion of it is often suggested to be.
Protecting the public interest in regulated real estate transactions.
For sure, the start-date delays have been a boon for public interest organizations around the country.

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