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He writes often about science, technology, and public health.
Lying in a landfill, a desktop computer can take a toll on public health.
And in those deaths, public health experts hear the distant rumbling of a global catastrophe.
The labs have created a public health crisis in many rural areas where the drug has taken hold.
Environmental taxes have the unique feature of raising revenues, increasing economic efficiency, and improving the public health.
When given free nets by public health organizations, many people in the developing world use the nets for fishing instead.
He wasn't yet thinking lofty thoughts about human beings or public health.
And as far as he was concerned, the waterless urinal was a threat to public health.
So a case of plague makes public health investigators, and bioterrorism responders, come running.
Research has soundly disproved the alleged connection, yet fears about vaccines continue to be a major risk to public health.
Now, public health officials are divided on how to ensure that the disease stays eradicated.
Even better, the public health lessons have been learned.
Providing them with modern energy would improve public health and combat climate change.
The agency accused the company of hiding information on public health threats.
But it also will probably have a direct effect on public health.
These new pocket-size sensors could provide more practical and powerful detection of such potential public health risks.
Here's a novel potential public health measure against the flu-kick up the humidity.
Other priority areas include materials science, information technology, public health and the environment.
Researchers are grappling with the public health implications of the findings.
Doing that might help corporate health but would do nothing for public health.
But warming and changing weather patterns are already driving changes in public health.
Public health officials question the safety of e-cigarettes.
And with gaping holes in public finances the chance to raise taxes in the name of public health has never looked so good.
Various models of contracting out bits of public health care are used, but more could be done, especially at primary-care level.
The protracted episode illustrates how public health scares wax and wane.
The new system requires countries to do a lot of things to improve public health, but provides no money.
Balancing public health and safety with the need for openness is a complex task.

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