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So many other smaller or bigger killings get posted that the ones without public eye get no attention, which makes sense.
There is a basic misunderstanding in the public eye today.
If you roam the sidelines in a college sports arena, consider yourself in the public eye.
You're going to be put in the back somewhere, far from the public eye.
The lumping together of such distinct art forms has made it harder for each company to define itself crisply in the public eye.
Their challenge is to keep bird flu forever in the public eye.
Once his interest shifted definitively to food and nutrition, he was seldom out of the public eye.
It has stayed out of the public eye, and has kept the market guessing about when and how it would intervene.
Rather, the information will already be in the public eye before a journalist can type an opinion on the matter.
Yet he is painted as someone who hurts science in the public eye.
It's really fantastic to see our work showing up here, and thus working its way to the public eye.
From the beginning he kept himself in the public eye with arresting stunts and lavish gestures.
Getting those heroes into the public eye is easily accomplished through both formal and informal ceremonies.
Keeping our clean-up message in the public eye is essential to building community pride.
The media can help keep the organization and its goals before the public eye.
Models create interest in buying clothing and other products and services by performing before the public eye.
Many of these images have been hidden from the public eye since the time of the war.
Believing the home was too much in the public eye, she refused to live there.
The depot has been in the public eye on more than one occasion.
US educational sector regularly creates new formats and packaging to keep their products in the public eye.
Using examples that are in the public eye can make high school science courses relevant.
Unlike a typical road project, much of the work to replace the anchor cables took place out of the public eye.

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