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Most of us went on to useful employment in education or public service.
It was a valuable experience in public service, but much work in social responsibility can be done from the private sector.
Thirty performances are held yearly in formal concert, public service and workshop settings.
Now there are moves afoot to buy it from its private owners so that the boat may be returned to public service.
Anyone that believes the rampant sensationalism of popular media should be shot as a public service.
Now, here's the public service message portion of this show.
He has displayed this remarkable trait throughout his whole life, whether in private walks or in the public service.
It is certainly not pleasing to be put out of the public service.
First, though, some public service: a beach cleanup.
Few careers in public service have been as selfless.
The same kind of ethical code exists in the profession of accountancy because it is a means of public service.
Throwing money at such a high impact public service would not bring innovation.
Street blockades over these issues, lack of public service due to these issues etc have plagued this country.
Public service and commercial operations used to be clearly divided.
Commercial was magazines and public service was everything else.
The root problem with public service is not that they are not beneficial or not important.
They chose to spend the temporary increase in tax revenues during the boom times to hire people in the public service.
But it is in reality one of the more sensitive jobs in public service.
It's a measure of what, in my view, public service broadcasting should do.
We need to attract the best and the brightest to public service.
The primary functions are teaching and learning, research, and public service.
Nor would such a curriculum be likely to inspire more students to pursue lives of public service.
The extension of our knowledge and methods would itself be a public service.
We also expanded loan forgiveness for those who enter public service and brought more transparency to the student loan process.
These groups have not yet shown great interest in public service as a vocation.
Both have a strong sense of public service, and have had eminently successful careers.
At that point, their news stories were a beat, not a public service.
His own preoccupations-among them, duty and the call of public service-are visible on every page.
The list is familiar and is to me a record that undermines any value of his public service.
She had no concept of public service, and no capacity to serve even if she had wished to do so.
Its reporters are performing a great public service.
Help people less fortunate than him, teach, and go into public service.
Others genuinely feel that the world has been good to them, so they want to give back and enter public service.
T he burden, of course, was his father's mandate that his eldest enter public service.
She showed me the importance of public service, and she was admired by people regardless of their political party.
In each city there shall be a department of public service which shall be administered by a director of public service.
Whether this public service effort will make a dent in doing that remains to be seen.

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