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Pretty much anything public domain is available and free.
The public domain has been cheated for years by ill-advised expansions of intellectual property rights.
If a company doesn't vigorously defend it's intellectual property, it quickly belongs to the public domain.
There are websites where you can download free audio books from the public domain.
These images are in the public domain and may be reproduced, free of charge with the proper credit line.
The audio version, pulled from a radio broadcast, is considered in the public domain.
All the information belongs to the global community and will be released into the public domain.
It takes a while to figure out what a study has revealed, to know what should be put into the public domain.
Here was his evidence, which was all lying around in the public domain.
It's another thing when he accuses those of us who have of lying or misrepresenting what is in the public domain.
Philosophers have a moral obligation to take their subject into the public domain.
If you want to make a mashup or whatever you want to call it, take material in the public domain.
The idea is to get your work out into the public domain in order to advance your career and engage in scholarly discussion.
His diatribe discusses the old patents his father got that are all out of date in in the public domain.
These comments demonstrate the usual mix of information and misinformation in the public domain regarding atomic energy.
Besides, a web site is private but of public domain.
US laws clearly state photos taken of people in public areas are of public domain.
Until then, taxpayer-financed discoveries were in the public domain, available to any company that wanted to use them.
It has digitized about two million books in the public domain.
It would be built incrementally, beginning with the digital files of books in the public domain, about two million works.
But sadly, these articles do not directly enter the public domain.
Private opinions would seem to be progressively being leaked to the public domain.
Patents, they claim, have been granted on the fruits of biomedical research that should remain in the public domain.
Pure science rarely makes it into the public domain.
Cataloging and identifying the genetic patrimony should be publicly-funded and the fruits should be in the public domain.
Anyone who has dared venture into the public domain to discuss population issues can expect to be pilloried by all sides.
Yet much of the dialogue on these issues is disconnected from the public domain.
It is fully consistent with empirical evidence in the public domain as well as phenomenal experience in the private domain.
Addresses not used for a year become publicly available and the content on those sites is archived in the public domain.
These are industrial chemicals that are being pumped into the public domain.
There is no conclusive scientific proof for either interpretation in the objective public domain.
Our report will be out there in the public domain and that has value in itself.
If they have fissile material, they can make a crude bomb based on public domain information.
Since government is public domain, they are not allowed to make profit on anything.
Scientific research is funded by tax dollars and should be made public domain anyway.
It placed all the resulting data into the public domain rather than allow any participant to patent any of the results.
After that, the material would enter the public domain so that anyone could reproduce it.
It seems the debate here is indeed, as the moderator suggested, the ancient question of privacy versus public domain.
This, in turn, has fed the revival in the public domain of the view that therefore manufactures must be supported.
And the process is an open auction, which means that all offers, acceptances and rejections are in the public domain.
But the blunt truth of phone hacking has been freely available in the public domain for almost a decade.
Technology has tipped the balance in favour of the public domain.
Because of court-imposed restrictions on reporting, only a limited amount of information is in the public domain.
And of course the debate over petrol subsidy removal picked up steam after details of the budget leaked out to public domain.
How about this: instead of having the ratings in the public domain make them secret.
We want to hear from insiders and whistleblowers possessing information not already in the public domain.
But place it in the public domain and suddenly it takes on new life.
Information collected by the government, and information that individuals put it out into the public domain.
His crime: collecting material that's actually in the public domain but not meant for foreign eyes.
Generally, materials produced by federal agencies are in the public domain and may be reproduced without permission.
These photographs are in the public domain and are not copyrighted.
Many of the images in this web site are considered public domain.
These images are in the public domain and are available for download and reproduction.
These b-roll footage tapes contain public domain footage and may be used for refuge stories.
Not all the information on our site is in the public domain.
Because these photos are in the public domain, all images may be used without reservation.
Photographs on this site are in the public domain unless a copyright is indicated.
The following sound clips are public domain and may be used without prior permission.
These audios and videos are in the public domain and are available for download and reproduction.
Most of the images available in this library are in the public domain and are not subject to copyright restrictions.
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