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So work that might harm one or a few people, perhaps psychologically, is subject to review.
There are ways of psychologically influencing the leadership of another state.
But it's psychologically difficult to heed their advice.
Not only can it be technically challenging, it can be psychologically complicated.
But it is far more bizarre and psychologically harrowing than that.
It takes courage to adapt an epistolary novel for the screen, particularly one as psychologically complex as this one.
But plenty of people are ill-equipped emotionally or psychologically for the work they do.
And psychologically speaking, the inclusion of that act in such category makes it more attractive.
They all had a much rougher time of quitting, both physically and psychologically.
They give you the means to psychologically finesse ambiguous outside reality.
My limited reading on the subject suggests that, psychologically speaking, they're regarded as different things.
But when things become psychologically too bewildering or frustrating for him, he may revert to spontaneous play.
Fifty-one psychologically healthy volunteers underwent two to five experimental sessions that lasted eight hours.
He resisted time-mentally, physically, psychologically.
Physicians have long believed that people smoke primarily for pleasure and become psychologically dependent on that pleasure.
Maybe the author needs to be checked out psychologically for saying that it takes guts to commit suicide.
We are a species which has not evolved mentally, psychologically, socially or physically beyond hunting and gathering.
Then you can combine what you think are the essentials for what you might need psychologically and medically.
Debt markets, which haven't psychologically recovered from the body blows of the past two years, went into triage.
What happens is that the number psychologically makes you feel confident.
It is psychologically and emotionally comforting during distressing times to be in the company of friends and neighbors.
Surveys showed that some buyers are psychologically averse to shopping by auction.
But dictators are too strong militarily and too weak psychologically to bargain.
The story is a psychologically rich tale of romances thwarted and revived.
In the original production, everything was done psychologically.
But, psychologically, immortality would be the end of us.
And somehow, at some point, he internalized that idea and psychologically settled in.
We seek them out in the skyline, both to get our bearings and to anchor ourselves psychologically in the life of the city.

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