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Time is a basic psychological frame into which our mind process motion in the universe.
It's a physical, psychological, and emotional relief.
Someone who understands these things please explain the psychological differences.
He observed that lots of psychological experiments have been done on the effects of status and lots on the effects of power.
But psychological problems are harder to solve with technology.
Psychological pressure can make you more attentive, improving your memory and ability to learn.
Sun, of course helps both the immune system and psychological welfare.
There is some psychological separation from the street, yet it feels neighborly.
Wine critics might disagree, but at this point it's a robust psychological fact.
The finding runs counter to the widespread belief that people who were adopted run a higher risk of psychological problems.
That's pretty well proven by psychological research.
The idea that observing disorder can have a psychological effect on people has been around for a while.
Experts point to isolation, financial distress and lack of psychological services as contributing factors.
Perpetually plugged-in youngsters are more likely to suffer poor psychological health.
Astronauts travel light, but they bring their psychological baggage with them.
All bespeak entrenched prejudices that rob the wealthy of sympathy for their psychological plaints.
It doesn't matter if an illness is psychological in origin or not.
Psychological impacts of long-term separation anxiety.
Skinner had already used pigeons in his psychological research, training them to press levers for food.
There is also a culture of machismo and of distrust of psychological help.
With that being said, profiling can work, but psychological profiling.
Emotions are incredibly important psychological phenomena.
But the types of combat exposure have changed, as have the potential triggers for negative psychological reactions later in life.
Ultimately the suspicion forms that though these are bodily manifestations, the cause is psychological.
They figure out the psychological moment when someone wants to pay and then design the best experiences around that.
The impact from a psychological perspective hasn't really changed.
Audiences are giving speakers powerful psychological incentives to conceal any information that challenges their beliefs.
Most poignant is the psychological pain of those stigmatized by obesity.
Add guilt and post-traumatic stress, and you might think the survivors could face a permanent psychological handicap.
He excelled at hagiography and left psychological penetration mostly in the eye of the beholder.
Psychological studies have seen a mix of results with different types of technology.
The second part focuses on the personal and psychological rehabilitation of inmates.
But psychological factors probably play a big part, too.
Observations suggest they try a cunning psychological ploy to prevent their partner fleeing the nest.
For me, boredom is complicated because it depends on your personal psychological state,present goals and many other factors.
But the results also fit with a sociological rather than psychological explanation.
The program also provides tutoring and psychological support.
Poe pioneered the psychological horror story, the detective story, and the emerging genre of science fiction.
Therefore, genetic and psychological factors cannot account for the rise in obesity.
Psychological researchers suggest that evolutionary thinking is unnatural.
To survive, they must compete for the same resources using every physical and psychological weapon in their arsenals.
The process is slow, during which it takes an extreme physical and psychological toll.
But the gain in physical space wasn't as important as the change in psychological space.
Which led a trio of researchers to suspect that wearing counterfeits might quietly take a psychological toll on the wearer.
Psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and irritability, can also be present.
Our daily lives are deeply rooted in subconscious psychological behavior.
OP's coworkers were mocking her life choices, in a manner designed to inflict psychological pain.
All of this has given me a better insight into the psychological problems of others.
Both cases have something to do with psychological warfare.
Beyond that, however, friendship clearly has a profound psychological effect.
In essence, virtual reality can ease pain, both physical and psychological.
The reason, younger people exercise too many psychological ploys to disguise their character.
He had to infuse the emotional and psychological requirements of the screenplay into buildings, landscapes, rooms.
Academics have offered a variety of psychological explanations.
That's why there are no psychological problems with dogs in those countries.
Not all psychological and emotional disorders portend violence, even in society's eyes.
It lacks any pretension to depth as a psychological portrait.
It gives a connotation of the visual but also of the psychological landscape.
Policemen involved in violent incidents are normally suspended from active duty and given psychological help.
Catalina's separation from the mainland is psychological and geographical.
They have tried everything from tracking customer purchases to psychological profiles.
Where people want to live is influenced by many factors that are psychological and socio-economic.
My last post talked about the depressing lack of progress in treatments for depression and other common psychological disorders.
The book lamented this fundamental loss-and its social, psychological and even political implications.
Take economic profit versus psychological fairness as an example.
Researchers are isolating the compounds secreted by humans and attempting to decode their physiological and psychological effects.
Psychological research suggests chin shape may be a physical signal of the quality of a mate.
On the other hand, the political and even psychological ramifications of his public role did require some personal adjustments.
He knew the precise psychological moment when to say nothing.
It would surely be of great psychological interest if all these dreams were recorded.
They thus stand entirely without the psychological realm of the dream structure.
It is not easy to harmonize this fact with our psychological views.
It would surely have been of great psychological interest if all the dreams could have been noted.
It is prepared to help with any psychological effects on them from the movie's release.
It is also important to staff health- and psychological-services offices with people who are aware of the importance of sleep.
Nor, in the case of a psychological experiment, should either the participant or the conductor know the hypothesis being tested.
The peoples of the newly liberated countries will have to decide how to balance their psychological and material needs.
Even in less extreme cases, the psychological harm can be immense.
Economic cycles are, above all, psychological things.
According to studies, depression and general psychological distress.
There is so much fussing over the materiality of the world, but no commensurate care is lavished upon psychological detail.
Terrorism is a weapon of war aimed at inflicting psychological defeat.
One was the psychological stream-his personal anger.
Notable distinctions between smokers and nonsmokers apparently exist in the realm of psychological and personality features.
Psychological manipulations that push you in the opposite direction do wonders.
There is an inexorable psychological undertow pulling me away from a reckoning with something so painful.
The orthodoxy needs to be rebuilt, and bringing these psychological factors into the core of economics is the way to do it.
Each knew she was unstable and vaguely understood that psychological torment somehow produced good poetry.
Its major functions today are bureaucratic and psychological rather than military.
Good misdirection is mostly psychological, with the magician tricking different parts of the audience's brain.
Bicycle touring requires psychological training as much as it requires physical training.
Enrichment may be defined as a suite of activities that meets the physiological and psychological needs of one's animal charges.
They have spent the day using their physical and psychological energy to the fullest and are usually exhausted.
There is a stigma about psychological pain by medical professionals and the general public.
These notions about connections, disconnections, and power move us away from traditional psychological concerns.
And because they are emblems of power, they carry a startling psychological charge.
Potter also wonders if the results may be due to sociological rather than psychological phenomena.
It is a natural evolution of abstract thought, necessary for the psychological well being of the human species.
It's not a movie to watch for a vision of the world, for the revelation of inner life, or for psychological reverberations.
At the age of twenty-four, he came to see golf as a psychological prison and quit as a player and on-site spectator.
When he was praised, it was for his technical skill rather than for his psychological depth.
Expensive gas often has a psychological impact as well as a material one.
It tilts the stakes from psychological perplexity to didactic melodrama.
But there is an irreducible psychological dimension to both crises and recoveries.
His sociological and psychological insight is penetrating, especially where the two categories overlap.
Water-boarding can result in damage to the lungs and the brain, as well as long-term psychological trauma.
Here it seems more of a tricky psychological, legalistic escape hatch.
It's exploring that strange nature and what percolates underneath, that kind of psychological journey more than anything.
The psychological implications of all these handoffs and divided loyalties are entertaining and might be profound.
So those psychological questions were far more interesting to me than figuring out what would be exactly accurate.
She would surely live with the psychological aftershocks for the rest of her life.
All of us come into the world with our own genetic predispositions to psychological ills.
It can carry the weight of culture and history, it can cause psychological harm, and it can act as a muzzle.
But technological one-upmanship may confer a psychological advantage.
Drugs that alleviate symptoms of psychological illness in mice often wind up producing human treatments.
It starts with ads for people to enroll in a psychological study.
Others focus on psychological, genetic, and biochemical origins.
He regards this as part of our general psychological need to bond with others similar to ourselves, even if the other is a dog.
Credit cards have pernicious psychological properties.
Other projects studied psychological stress, memory, and learning.
Schizophrenia, they say, does not begin as a psychological disease.
The brain's heightened responses can also open the way for psychological troubles.
The science of memory was conflicted, with the neurobiological and psychological versions at odds.
Such mental impositions arise from a variety of sources, including psychological predisposition and social context.

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