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Example sentences for psychiatrist

My depressed friend's psychiatrist prescribes her a drug that makes it difficult to get out of bed.
He's become a driving psychiatrist of sorts, a traffic confessor.
The next morning he had an emergency appointment with his psychiatrist.
At one point, when a psychiatrist was called, he objected.
Schwartz is a psychiatrist and a long-time libertarian.
Any country contemplating entry into the euro zone at this point in time should see a qualified psychiatrist first.
It seems only a certified psychiatrist is qualified to foresee what this newspaper will come up with next.
One reportedly told his psychiatrist that goats were talking to him.
One doctor suggested he might have emotional problems and referred him to a psychiatrist.
In addition, he is being treated now by a forensic psychiatrist.
He was a psychiatrist, who in his extensive travels grew increasingly interested in reducing poverty.
And he was diagnosed by a psychiatrist as a sociopath.

Famous quotes containing the word psychiatrist

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