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Bottles of psychiatric medications fill the shelves.
More students seek counseling and take psychiatric medication.
Large parental age differences increase the risk for psychiatric disorders, whereas other environmental factors decrease risk.
The procedure was used-and in retrospect greatly overused-as a treatment for a wide range of psychiatric disorders.
Colleges accustomed to guide dogs now grapple with demands to allow ferrets and snakes that provide psychiatric support.
Ling and his colleagues excluded people with chronic diseases or psychiatric conditions.
More often they can't get the psychiatric care that's necessary for the traumas that war has inflicted on them.
Yet the resources devoted to them are much scantier than those offered in psychiatric hospitals.
In addition, it provides options for those with less severe psychiatric problems.
Should recommended this sicken people stay away from confusing people and go seeking psychiatric treatment.
Such arguments are quite pointless given the vast intertwining of the two in psychiatric disease.
He ended up in mental hospital, is no longer in custody but is still subject to compulsory psychiatric treatment.
The politics around those who seek psychiatric disability may be a factor here.
She had no history of smoking, heavy drinking or psychiatric disorders.
Alcohol is celebrated constantly in our culture and psychiatric drugs still have a stigma attached to them.
However you go about making this decision, do not read the psychiatric literature.
All sorts of psychiatric conditions can cause itching.
New imaging methods may help distinguish brain damage from psychiatric disorders.
Muir will receive psychiatric counselling as part of her sentence.
It combats crime by such reformative and essentially non punitive means as probation and psychiatric help in and out of prisons.
Sometimes antidepressants are prescribed to help with other illnesses that aren't even psychiatric in nature at all.
For one thing, psychiatric drugs are known to be dubious.
If you aren't a poe, please seek some psychiatric help.
And, yes, psychiatric approaches take a lot more time and effort on the patients' part.
Whether radically different cultures can give rise to entirely new psychiatric disorders, however, is a matter of fierce debate.
These mobile genetic elements may also turn out to play a role in people's disposition to psychiatric disorders.
Carving up humanity with a system of psychiatric labeling is rather repugnant in any case.
Please have your next of kin contact your behavioral health provider for an immediate psychiatric evaluation.
You'll find this to be the case in many clinical trials of psychiatric drugs.
None of their subjects had a history of neurological or psychiatric illness, and all had intact working memory abilities.
There's no single gene for any psychiatric disease, and all can be influenced by life experience.
It did not take long to see that he was a con artist who was looking for a psychiatric label to excuse his violent behavior.
Other psychiatric problems often coexist with depression.
The major adverse effects of the drug are psychiatric.
Use of psychiatric medications during pregnancy and lactation.
People who suffer from psychiatric disorders tend to have higher divorce rates than healthy people.
Sheen was taken to a local hospital, where he was reportedly held for psychiatric evaluation.
As psychiatric symptoms go, hair-pulling is among the earliest recorded.

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