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Many buyers who pay for fake degrees want the pseudo-credentials so they can trick an employer, but others are scammed.
Its point of view is deftly sharpened, its manner is urbane and charming, without posture or allegorical pseudo-romantics.
Some pseudo-events cease to be pseudo because of their sheer aptness for the moment.
Fiction is one giant pseudo-statement, a fact-checker's nightmare.
One of the villagers had opened a workshop manufacturing pseudo-antique furniture.
The musical language turns prosaic, clich├ęd, pseudo-Romantic.
There is no looking back, although a certain pseudo-religious popular cult figure would have you believe that you should.
Here, let me draw this pseudo circuit diagram for a spinning coil of wire in a magnetic field.
Full seasons of old television shows perfectly suit the pseudo-ownership viewers have with streaming video.
The weakest may be picked off by pseudo-specialist features added to generalist search-engines.
So run, lemmings, run after the pols and pseudo-scientists who are claiming the sky is falling.
More often it gives pseudo answers that stops the search for truth.
Brits and pseudo-Brits, in sum, have lost this franchise.
His solution was to create a pseudo-espresso of sorts by adding significantly less hot water to the pouch than was directed.
Do not allow this pseudo-science to be used as an excuse for legalization of whaling.
The addiction recovery industry is filthy with myth, misinformation and pseudo-science.
It is not to be confused with anecdotal pseudo-science that is so rampant in media today.
Hypotheses that cannot be falsified belong to pseudo-science.
As interesting as this article is, it is nothing more than pseudo science.
It's conjecture and pseudo-science masking as the real thing.
Try looking through scientific journals, not pseudo-science magazines.
It's only as complicated as you wish to make it, so that you can stay in your ivory towers of pseudo-science.
It would be a salutary event indeed were an influential organization to weigh in against pseudo-science in climatology.
Some of them hear these small threads of pseudo-fact and distrust science that has been proven for years.
Much worse than a good scientist communicating poorly is a non-scientist spreading pseudo-science plausibly.
It is truly sad when one hears pseudo scientists talk.
More proof that particle physicists have wandered off into pseudo-science.
In the background, leafless trees in pseudo-naif style enhance the sense of desolation.

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