pruning shears in a sentence

Example sentences for pruning shears

Small limbs can be removed easily with pruning shears or a pole-lopper provided they are within reach from the ground.
More delicate tools such as pruning shears and hand saws should be lightly oiled after cleaning.
Pruning shears and saws should be sharp, for your own safety and to make clean cuts in bark and wood.
Use tongs or rolled newspapers to grasp the stems while cutting with pruning shears.
Pruning entails cutting vines with eighteen-inch-long pruning shears having sixteen-inch handles with two-inch blades.
Eggplant are harvested manually with a sharp knife or pruning shears, usually when they are one-third to two-thirds mature.
The tips of shoots to be inoculated were removed with pruning shears.
Use pruning shears to remove dead foliage and stems that you may have left to provide habitat for wildlife during the winter.
Rotten pods were harvested using special pruning shears.
Bring waterproof boots and sharp pruning shears if you have them.
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