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Example sentences for prudently

Historically, human beings have prudently given the place a wide berth.
Worthless advice from senior scholars to whom the author prudently deferred should be labeled as such.
All the same, since the war the rich kept a prudently low profile.
College rankings aren't dangerous or misguided so long as they are used prudently, safely and appropriately.
Without guarantees, the market should act more prudently, because moral hazard will be reduced.
Or strategies that enable us to withdraw as prudently as possible.
When that happens, if mortgages are prudently originated, then default risk becomes relatively insignificant.
Again, nothing if it's taken on prudently and in moderation.
But there are many evils that the state cannot prudently fight.
Fewer still are willing to cut back prudently on fertilizers.
There are limits on how far such private initiatives can prudently go.
Ample money is set aside to fund pensions, and it is invested prudently but not timidly.
When people have skin in the game, they should use health care more prudently.
They've discovered the peace of mind that comes with rebuilding savings, shopping more prudently and learning to live with less.
In each case, the majority of the justices prudently chose to limit the role of the courts.
The authors prudently resist the no doubt overwhelming temptation to diagnose the couple.
They have incentives to announce a no-bail-out policy in order to encourage their charges to behave prudently.
Crudely put, if a state manages its money prudently, a pot of money will be on hand to provide liquidity in case of need.
If the gamble fails, the borrower is no worse off than if he had acted prudently.
Such people will be prudently preparing for the future, with the aim of not being a burden on the state.
Prudently looser monetary policy will help, but cannot reverse the credit cycle or the bursting of the housing bubble.
It might give them pause to act a little more prudently, and if it blows up they will hopefully learn something useful.
But the crisis showed that even well-managed firms, acting prudently in a downturn, can undermine the strength of all.
The idea behind capital regulation is that the owners of the bank must have enough at risk to be persuaded to act prudently.
It doesn't aim big, but it aims prudently and pleasingly.
Fiduciaries must act prudently and must diversify the plan's investments in order to minimize the risk of large losses.
Reconciliation of revenues collected under gas adjustment charges with actual costs prudently incurred.
There are other remedies besides punitive measures against those who have done nothing but lend prudently in their communities.
They portrayed the company as a quality lender mostly of prime mortgages, and one that had prudently managed its credit risk.

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