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Scientists must go through a huge check-list of reasons why they must use a living animal and not a proxy to do their research.
In this event the visitor by proxy lays her own card as well as that of the invalid on the tray proffered her.
Serving as the other's consigliere, as well as proxy.
Loan default rates, etc serve as an incredibly poor proxy for educational quality.
It sounds corny, but you got proxy thrills of power.
The browser could then be tricked into sending secure messages to both the legitimate server and the malicious proxy.
All traffic from a certain network is forced through the proxy, allowing communications to be monitored and modified on the fly.
The goal is to use genetically modified cats as a better proxy for human diseases.
Proxy data shows the globe's temperature has increased since the little ice age.
Modern life has given us the possibility to be predators by proxy.
Nor do they propose to criticize the mixing of proxy data and actual measurement data.
It's great for advertisers that want to use that show as a proxy to get to this big audience.
Technical audit trails including watermarks and proxy servers provide a first line of defense.
The caucuses, requiring a big commitment of time, may also be an awkward proxy for a real vote.
If you are behind a firewall or proxy server, you may experience problems streaming video.
Deep-pocketed financier who made his reputation as a corporate raider wages proxy fight.
To see how much less land birch would have covered, they used elephants as a proxy.
Then they simply checked which directors stayed from one proxy statement to the next.
Betting on container rates, which are a proxy for economic activity, may also appeal to speculators.
It noted a high prevalence of family- and proxy-voting and cases of ballot-box stuffing.
Surfing aficionados still manage to get access to the sites by using proxy addresses, but this can be tediously slow.
They instead confine their search to the top colleges, using campus as a proxy for quality.
Some economists use this as a proxy for hot-money inflows.
In modern society, price is probably a good proxy for such collective wisdom.
Conventional economics uses money as a proxy for utility-the dismal way in which the discipline talks about happiness.
The list updates again, going from prom dresses to proxy sites.
Get the form and guidelines for appointing a health care proxy.

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