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Example sentences for proxies

In addition, many of the indicators or their proxies have only an indirect relationship to educational quality.
Yet none of these are reliable proxies for educational excellence.
But scientists are now discovering that data from a suite of animal proxies has the potential to fill in some of these holes.
The resolution of the information is often sharper than that in other proxies, such as ocean sediments.
They are only proxies, but they are discernable in mechanical ways.
There have been several, based on entirely independent proxies.
One view of an organism is that they are merely proxies, or vectors, for the genes they carry.
Family structure is not something education psychologists are familiar, so they forgive bad measurement proxies and limited range.
The surface stations may not be perfect, but they still provide useful information that can be confirmed by independent proxies.
Because pigmentation is controlled by only a few genes the state at these loci are poor proxies for total genome content.
We could learn so much more, and much faster, with robotic proxies.
It's certainly plausible, and possibly testable using shorter-lived organisms as proxies.
The problem is not limited to the tree ring proxies.
Therefore, the ballots and proxies were not counted.
The president of the board always seems to know how everyone voted by proxies at the annual meeting.
National politicians and their proxies have barely tried to explain the question on the ballot to voters.
Some academics have spent years squirrelling around for proxies for gun ownership in given geographical areas.
Another is that several regional powers are already backing proxies in this fight.
Increasingly, supermarkets have become proxies for modernity itself, and not in a good way.
The armed groups that profit by opium-farming there are, in her eyes, proxies of the state and have been for years.
When she could not appear, her small boys were proxies for her.
These are all proxies for a far more pernicious ill- aggressive behaviour.
Ruling-party politicians complain that the lowly red shirts are paid proxies and do not represent mainstream opinion.
Proxies must sign the coupon book and the coupon register to receive coupons.
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