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Example sentences for prowl

They prowl subway platforms and the parks outside the stations.
Fewer jobs and more people on the prowl equal a seller's market, which drives salaries down.
Whatever the motivation, pirates prowl waters all around the world.
Prowl downtown and you'll find a booming contemporary art scene that has grown amid old warehouses and storefronts.
Communicating with submarines while they prowl the seas has been one of the longstanding challenges for the military.
With bye weeks starting, fantasy teams are on the prowl for help at wide receiver.
We have been on the prowl for a house this year with hopes to buy something next summer.
Other firms that do not count mining as their main business are also on the prowl.
There is a weird feeling among some couples that single people are on the prowl.
But there are perils when managers can no longer prowl through their own factory.
Leopards prowl among stunted trees in the sparse acacia forests, searching for prey such as addax.
But the military is still on the prowl for substances that might subdue or overwhelm enemy minds.
No one will want a colleague who is always on the prowl for that gotcha moment.
Wild cats, including leopards and lynxes, still prowl the mountainsides.
Swollen with cash from fast-growing economies, many emerging-market companies are on the prowl for acquisitions.
But the increase in foraging hours can have its downside, putting animals on the prowl at risk for predation.
Later, they prowl the streets, but the smell of the wind stalks them.
He was growing into the taskmaster who would prowl the parking lot on weekends to see who'd made it in.
It is constantly on the prowl for new video creators to add to the program.
Higher in the mountains, bears, lynx and wolves still prowl the fir forests.
While doing so you prowl through some gloriously detailed, beautifully gloomy factories and labs and shattered cityscapes.
Today's alley vendors, primarily scavengers, prowl the backyard byways by truck.
There will also be the annual owl prowl, silent auction, poster sessions and food.
He says it could, for example, scramble through pipes or prowl around buildings looking for chemical plumes or human movement.
Coyotes prowl the seal-haul outs feeding on nearby berries and will prey on sickly seals or unattended pups.
Opossums seem to have the wanderlust and many are killed on the highways as they prowl around at night.
By day they prowl slowly about trees, bushes and flowers, but strike prey with lightning speed.

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